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The team at DIY Gardening offer consulting services to gardeners, those that manage gardens, as well as sole traders of landscaping and small gardening businesses.

Our lead consultant has over 18 years of hands-on experience in multiple disciplines and is backed by a team of experts, including qualified horticulturists and a project manager.

Whether you are looking for independent advice on plant choice, drainage, garden design, planning or even pest control, you’ll find our consulting services are second to none.

Are you a small business or sole trader in the gardening niche?

We can help you take your business to the next level with consulting on advertising and online best practices that will help you get noticed – we specialise in helping gardeners and landscapers.

Because our advice is unbiased and independent, we won’t push you to use products or services we are affiliated with, but instead, we will advise and consult on all your options.

We have a proven track record of helping clients of all budgets get the most from their green spaces, the gardens they manage and even their small businesses.

Every day we assist gardeners with our expert-level consulting services.

Daniel Woodley

As a graduate of the prestigious Merrist Wood College near Guildford, Daniel holds a diploma in horticulture with a speciality in landscaping.

Daniel has notable skill set that goes far beyond gardening as he’s previously worked for a roofing contractor, a general manager, as a project manager for one the UK’s largest building firms and more recently as a freelance consultant.

His experience is second-to-none, and as our lead consultant, Daniel Woodley has over 18 years of experience in landscaping and building and 4 years as a consultant.

Away from gardening and consulting, Daniel is a keen scrambler and via his YouTube channel, is well-known in the hiking community of North Wales. You’ll find him online under the name “The Bald Scrambler”.

Read Daniel Woodley’s full bio here

Daniel Woodley - Owner at DIY Gardening

Daniel Woodley in Snowdonia

You Can Find Daniel:

Hannah Miller

Hannah Miller achieved a Level 3 qualification in horticulture in college but left the industry to start a career in the NHS as an administrator, a position she held for 12 years.

Hannah has now returned to horticulture and is continuing her studies whilst also assisting us with our content creation for our Knowledge Base. She has experience working in a nursery and is currently updating and fact-checking all the plant guide pages we have on our website.

Hannah also advises our clients on all aspects of plant care, including plant choice, pest control, improving crop yield and much more.

Hannah Miller

Paul Farley

Paul Farley worked as a construction project manager for Kier Group in the UK for over a decade and has previous experience in the following trades:

  • Loft extensions.
  • Conservatories.
  • General construction, including large-scale projects.
  • Landscaping.

He has detailed, expert-level knowledge of UK Building Regulations, construction techniques and materials.

Paul assists our clients with the “hard” aspects of landscaping, from design to completion.

We’ve also tasked Paul with fact-checking and reviewing many of the articles you’ll find on our website.

Hannah Miller

Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith has several internationally recognised qualifications in horticulture and specialises in:

  • Plant care.
  • Garden planning and design.
  • Green space and landscape management.
  • Disease identification and control.

Elizabeth started her career at a local garden centre before studying for her qualifications at the prestigious Merrist Wood College in Guildford, Surrey.

She holds a diploma in horticulture and previously worked at the renowned RHS Gardens Wisley.

Elizabeth Smith

How We Can Help You

We offer three levels of service:

Knowledge Base

On our website, you’ll find over 250 pages of professionally reviewed and fact-checked garden-related content, including pest control help, plant-growing guides, inspiration, soil and compost guidance, plus much more

Pest Control Help

Learn how to remove and deter garden pests before they damage your property. Our advice is priceless and could save you a fortune. We can help you with lawn grub infestations, slug control, moles, cats, foxes and much more.

Visit: Pest Control Help

Lawn Care Help

Our lawn care guides are second to none, and we can help you:

  • Grow lawns in shade
  • Choose the best grass seed
  • Aerate the lawn like the pros do
  • Choose feeds and weedkiller that work

Visit: Lawn Care Help

Ideas & Inspiration

Our online knowledge base is expanding and we can help you with:

  • Hedges for privacy
  • Plant combinations
  • Fast-growing shrubs to fill space
  • Winter colour

Visit: Ideas & Inspiration

Remote Consulting

We offer best-in-class remote consulting and advice for gardeners, those developing their own gardens and anyone who manages garden spaces for others, including communal gardens.

Fixed Prices

We can offer fixed prices for the work involved and as the consulting is done by email or telephone, we can keep the costs low.

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Per Hour Pricing

If you prefer, we can offer per-hour pricing, which is preferred by customers who are undertaking complex, multi-discipline projects.

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By Email or Phone

Our remote consulting services are offered via telephone and email, and we have a logging system to log the hours we spend on the project accurately so you know exactly what you are paying for.

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Site Visits

In addition to our popular online knowledge base and best-in-class remote consulting, we also offer site visits within our catchment area of the Surrey/Hampshire borders.

Fast Response Time

We are reliable, keen to help our customers and we stand by our work whether that’s consulting new business owners in the gardening sector or offering advice on pest control to an amateur gardener.

Detailed Action Plans

We can provide detailed reports and actionable plans for any landscaping or garden project, from invasive species eradication to garden design and much more.


Qualified Personnel

We have an experienced team here at DIY Gardening who can advise and consult on all aspects of gardening, including hard and soft landscaping.

Elizabeth Smith holds a diploma in horticulture and has previously worked at the prestigious RHS Wisley Gardens.

Hananh Miller holds a Level 2 qualification in horticulture and has only recently returned to horticulture after a career in the NHS.

Daniel Woodley is City & Guilds qualified and has worked for over 18 years in the construction industry, including over 10 years in landscaping.

Paul Farley previously worked for Kier Group on large landscaping projects and has experience in consulting.

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From Our Clients

The cost of all the work, including Daniel’s fee and the third-party work, is around half of what we paid the previous company, who failed to solve the issue. I only regret not contacting Daniel sooner.”

David Histon (Trustpilot)

“Thank you very much. Really informative and I’m just about to order lap vents to solve my moisture problem (due to the current cold spell) identical to the one you describe.”

Simon Sangster (YouTube Comment)

“Your tarp method of catching lawn grubs is so effective, I managed to fill an entire bucket in just one morning”

Kelly Watson (Email)

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