Hannah Miller

Hannah Miller

Hannah spent 12 years working as an administrator for the National Health Service in the UK but recently switched to part-time employment to spend more time with her young family.

She has previously volunteered in several countries in Africa and Eastern Europe and is interested in sustainability, eco-friendly living, wildlife and nature.

Hannah is always trying to move the needle when it comes to sustainability at home and in the garden; she collects seeds and cuttings each year, and plastic pots never go to waste! Her goals for this year: To only grow ornamental plants that are pollinator-friendly and to introduce her children to more home-grown fruit and vegetable dishes.

Hannah thinks that western men are far too obsessed with how neat and green their lawns look, and if it were up to her, every lawn on her street would be ripped up and replaced with beautiful flowers and fruit/veg patches.

You will find Hannah’s content here at DIY Gardening is often focused on the things she’s most passionate about, and she’s not afraid to write negative reviews about products and services she feels are below par.

She also enjoys debunking garden myths and setting the record straight.

You can contact Hannah here.

Below you’ll find a selection of Hannah’s most recent blog posts which complement the many other articles and help guides she has authored on this website: