This Einhell Strimmer is Perfect For Light Tasks

Tested by Daniel Woodley. Published to Blog on the 12th of September 2022.

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I recently tested several battery-powered grass strimmers (see the results here) and Einhell stood out above the rest based on price, build quality and effectiveness.

And of course, there’s no annoying cable or extension lead to worry about.

If you’re looking for a cordless strimmer for domestic gardening purposes, consider the Einhell GC-CT Power X-Change Strimmer which is sold on Amazon and at many other retailers.

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What’s in the Einhell Strimmer Box

In the Einhell box you’ll find:

  • 1 x telescopic strimmer.
  • 1 x battery (18v, 2.0Ah).
  • 1 x battery fast charger.
  • Plastic blades.
  • Wire flower guard.
Einhell cordless strimmer

Box contents

Key Specifications

Weight inc battery: 2.15kg

Length: 1m and 1.3m (fully extended).

Cutting width: 24cm.

Cutting type: 1 x blade (20 included).

Power: 1 x 18v battery (2.0Ah).

Charger: Fast charger (40mins claimed and 44mins real world).

Battery life: 55mins (claimed) – 43mins (real-world test)

Second handle: Adjustable angle and can be repositioned up or down the shaft (perfect for tall or short people).

Tiltable head: Yes, up to 90° (5 positions).

Flower guard: Yes.

Roller wheel: No.

Requires assembly: Yes, easy.

6 Things I Tested

I tested 6 things for this review:

  1. Comfort (I’m 6ft2 tall).
  2. Battery charge time.
  3. Battery running time.
  4. Effectiveness on grass and weeds.
  5. Edging ability.
  6. Blade life and ease of blade change.

1) Comfort

I’m 6ft2, and nearly every tool I use is too small for me, but I cannot fault this Enhell strimmer in the comfort department.

Here are three things that make this strimmer comfortable for anyone of any height:

  1. Telescopic shaft.
  2. The handle can be locked at several different angles and secured at the top or the bottom of the shaft.
  3. The cutting head angle can be adjusted.

With a fairly standard 2.0Ah battery, this strimmer was light at just under 2.2kg and I found it easy to manoeuvre.

I considered a strimmer with a longer-lasting battery (you can buy batteries up to 6.0Ah), but the added weight would be an issue and unnecessary for my small garden.

The battery is located near the top of the shaft, which I felt aided the balance – the less weight at the bottom of the shaft, the easier a strimmer is to use.

If comfort is important to you or you’re very tall or short, I recommend this Einhell strimmer.

Handle locked at the lowest position
Adjustable cutting head
Locked at the top
Einhell strimmer adjustable shaft

2) Battery Charge Time

The manufacturer claims that the battery will reach a full charge in 40mins.

I found that in my real world test, the first full charge from empty to full took 50mins and the second charge 44mins.

Einhell fast battery charger

3) Battery Running Time

The manufacturer claims that the battery will last 55mins.

In real-world testing, I found that it lasted 43mins on mixed vegetation, including some weeds and long grass.

On light grass growth, it may last longer and possibly up to 50mins, while on dense grass and thick weeds, I would still expect it to last 30+ mins.

Of note is the fact this strimmer is part of the Power X-Change family, meaning you can use Einhell batteries from other 18v tools on this machine, including batteries with more storage capacity.

4) Effectiveness on Grass and Weeds

This Einhell strimmer performed well on the grass at the edge of my lawn and on weeds (as seen in my demonstration video).

As with every battery-powered strimmer, it struggled with longer grass but not to the point where it failed, it just slowed down a bit until I raised it off the ground and completed the task in several passes.

Most electric and petrol strimmers will chomp through longer grass, but battery strimmers often struggle due to the reduced power, and the user will need to go over the same area several times. However, I found that this was only an issue with longer grass, and the Einhell strimmer was effective on regular grass and weeds in our test garden.

Having tested several cordless strimmers, the Einhell performed well against competing products at this price range.

This strimmer also has a metal guard rail that the user can use to gauge the distance from plants and other sensitive areas.

I found that it struggled with thick brambles but it’s not designed for heavy-duty cutting like this.

Einhell cutting grass and weeds

The Einhell easily cuts through weeds and grass

5) Edging Ability

Some strimmers come with a wheel attachment that acts as a guide for edging – allowing the user to create perfectly straight lines at the edges of the lawn. The wheel also allows the user to rest the tool on the ground, reducing back strain.

This Einhell strimmer doesn’t have a guide wheel.

Whether you need a guide wheel or not will depend on how much edging you need to do. Also, edging wheels add weight and bulk to the tip of the strimmer.

If you have hundreds of metres of edging to do on a regular basis, you may want to consider an alternative strimmer with a wheel guide.

Even without a guide wheel, I found edging easy and effective in my small garden.

The head of this Einhell strimmer also tilts 90° and has 5 positions, so making the switch from strimming to edging was effortless.

6) Blade Life and Blade Change

This strimmer uses blades instead of a cord, and there are pros and cons to each.

I found that the plastic blades cut neatly into the grass and went through bunches of weeds too, but the ends did snap off when they touched roots, concrete or a patio etc.

If used on grass and moderate weed growth, I believe the blades will last for a long time (you get 20 with the strimmer), but if used on or near rough surfaces and roots, you could get through them quickly, I broke a couple but I was still getting used to the strimmer.

During my test, I found changing the blade was foolproof, easy and quite literally took seconds.

Einhell cutting blade

Who I Recommend This Einhell Strimmer To

Based on my testing and the specifications of this strimmer, I believe it’s best suited to small and medium gardens with light to moderate grass and weed growth.

Here’s why:

1) The power of this tool is 18v which is average and I feel is suitable for light to moderate strimming.

2) You only get one battery with this strimmer, and it’s 2.0Ah, so it has moderate storage capacity.

3) The battery charged quickly during my test.

4) Blades are perfect for grass and weeds but during my test, they snapped when they hit concrete patios or paths when edging.

5) This Einhell strimmer is light and there are no unnecessary extras.

6) The telescopic shaft, adjustable head and moveable handle are comfy even for someone tall like me.

Einhell Power X-Change 18V Cordless Strimmer With Battery And Charger - 24cm Cutting Width, Lightweight Grass Trimmer and Lawn Edger, Includes 20 x Blades - GE-CT 18 Li Garden Strimmer
Einhell Power X-Change 18V Cordless Strimmer With Battery And Charger - 24cm Cutting Width, Lightweight Grass Trimmer and Lawn Edger, Includes 20 x Blades - GE-CT 18 Li Garden Strimmer
Einhell Power X-Change 18V Cordless Strimmer With Battery And Charger - 24cm Cutting Width, Lightweight Grass Trimmer and Lawn Edger, Includes 20 x Blades - GE-CT 18 Li Garden Strimmer
Einhell Power X-Change 18V Cordless Strimmer With Battery And Charger - 24cm Cutting Width, Lightweight Grass Trimmer and Lawn Edger, Includes 20 x Blades - GE-CT 18 Li Garden Strimmer

Who I Don’t Recommend This Einhell Strimmer To

While this strimmer is perfect for light to moderate tasks and ticks many boxes, it does fall behind in a few areas:

1) The lack of an edging wheel could be an issue if you have hundreds of metres of edging to do (just don’t forget that this adds weight and bulk).

2) The plastic blades aren’t the best option for edging around hard surfaces such as patios and driveways as they snap or wear down quickly and I feel a corded strimmer would be better here.

3) The battery size and power output was fine for me, but if you have a very large garden or lots of thick weeds to chomp through I think you should buy either a petrol or electric strimmer.


This strimmer comes with a 2-year warranty and if you register your purchase online with Einhell, that extends to 3 years.

Repairs can be completed or items replaced at a local Einhell stockist or via shipping.

My Final Thoughts on This Einhell Cordless Strimmer

The Einhell ticked all the boxes for me as I only needed a strimmer for light tasks in a small garden, and it felt well-built and was competitively priced.

I felt no need to pay extra for a longer-lasting yet heavier battery, and an edging wheel would add weight and bulk – I prefer strimmers that are lightweight, easy to use and have batteries with a fast charger, and Einhell met all of these requirements.

If you buy this strimmer, please double-check you are purchasing the version with the battery (18v, 2.0Ah), fast charger and spare blades. There are cheaper versions that come without these (bare body units), and some are sold with cheaper, slow chargers.

I paid £89.99 for this strimmer in July 2022 (from Amazon and included a 10% discount off the RRP).

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  • I know that they’re not great on brambles but cope well with grass and weeds.
  • They cost more than corded electric equivalents.
  • They save power and storage space.
  • I think you should buy one brand so you can use the batteries across different tools.
  • If you already own a battery and charger from Einhell, you can buy a “body-only” tool that doesn’t come with a battery or charger, thus making a saving.

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