An Honest Review of Speedy Seed

Why I Can’t Recommend Speedy Seed to Those Who Want a New Lawn

By Hannah Miller at DIY Gardening

Speedy Seed is a brand of UK grass seed sold on Amazon, in Poundshop and at a few other retailers.

The manufacturers make some bold claims on the packaging of this grass seed:

“Create a full lawn within 10 days”.

I don’t think this product is suitable for those that want to sow a new lawn and there’s one huge problem with grass seeds that germinate and grow this quickly.

Hannah Miller

Hannah Miller

Speedy Seed Contains Annual Grass

Ever heard of annual lawn grass?

Most people haven’t.

Annual grass is a type of grass that only survives for one year at most; it then dies and doesn’t come back.

Perennial grass is what most people are familiar with; it comes back from winter dormancy year after year.

Speedy Seed contains annual and perennial grass seeds, but the packaging doesn’t state how much of each is in the box.

Speedy Seed

Why Would Anyone Sow Grass Seed That Only Lasts for One Season?

Annual grass may sound bonkers, but there are a few advantages:

  • It germinates really fast, much sooner than regular perennial grass seeds.
  • Once it’s germinated, the grass grows quickly too.
  • Some claim that annual grass looks greener than perennial grass, although I can’t tell the difference.
  • Because it grows fast, it crowds out weeds that would otherwise take hold.

5 Reasons I Don’t Like Speedy Seed

1) In my experience, the best grass seed products are the ones that contain several varieties of grass. Some grasses are hardwearing; others cope well with shade, some do better than others in drought conditions, and others grow tall while a few are creeping.

Get a good variety of grasses down, and most domestic lawns will cope with whatever you, your family or the weather throws at it.

As one variety struggles, the others grow more and fill the space; when the conditions change, the other grasses start to perform better.

Speedy Seed only contains one type of grass seed – Ryegrass. And about half of that will only last one year at most.

2) Annual Ryegrass is thirsty, like most annual plants it needs lots of water, more so than most other types of grass.  If you sow this grass, you’re gonna need to water it well during dry spells as it won’t cope with drought well.

3) The product doesn’t come with a spreader or even holes in the side of the box. It has just one large hole, so if you don’t own a seed spreader, you’ll have to either tip the box up or use your hands. This is far from ideal, and it would be much better if the box had a series of holes in the side so the seeds could be sprinkled more accurately.

4) The box contains 1.4 kg of grass seed which isn’t much, it won’t go far and certainly won’t cover the area suggested on the packaging.

5) I’m trying to reduce the number of annual plants in my garden as they aren’t as eco-friendly as perennials and I feel that for most people, annual grass is pointless.

Grass seed by Speedy Seed

 I was somewhat underwhelmed by the “original grass seed shaker” which is just one large hole at the top of the box.

When You Should Consider Using Speedy Seed

There are a few scenarios when Speedy Seed could be useful:

1) An emergency – for example, if you need a lawn as quickly as possible, perhaps for a social event, or you’re selling the property.

2) Overseeding – if your existing lawn has taken a battering and shows bare patches, annual ryegrass can quickly fill in the voids, making it perfect for summer “top ups”.

3) As a nurse crop – mixing annual grasses with several perennials is a good way to get the best of all worlds. You get a speedy lawn while the perennials slowly establish themselves. Unfortunately, Speedy Seed only contains one perennial – ryegrass.

How Fast Does Speedy Seed Germinate?

In our two tests at two locations in the south of the UK, we found that Speedy Seed germinated in 5 days on both occasions.

This compares to an average of 7-10 days for most other types of grass.

It’s worth noting that we kept the lawn well-watered as annual ryegrass is a thirsty variety.

Once germinated, Speedy Seed did grow very fast and tall, notably faster than perennial grasses.

I cannot fault the speed at which annual grass seeds germinate and if you need a lawn in a hurry, this is probably your best option.


Speedy Seed is a great product for those that need a lawn quickly, but as a long term investment, there are better products out there that only take a little longer to germinate.

Having a grass seed that can germinate in 5 days is a great selling point, but I wonder how many of the thousands of online reviewers on Amazon realise that much of the grass won’t grow back next year?

For more honest reviews, try our guide to the best grass seeds for the UK; we’ve included Speedy Seed due to its fast germination, but this product is best suited to emergencies and “top-ups” rather than those who want to sow an entire lawn for longevity.

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