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Gifts For Wildlife Enthusiasts

Explore our updated list of thoughtful and practical gifts for anyone who enjoys seeing wildlife in their garden 

The best gifts for those that want to encourage more wildlife into their garden

Lovingly created by the team here at DIY Gardening

A true garden isn’t just a haven for humans and pets but also for wildlife.

There are hundreds of ways wildlife can be encouraged to visit a garden but if you’re stuck for ideas, let the team here at DIY Gardening help you!

Below you’ll find the very best products, from food and bird feeders to bee huts and hedgehog houses. These would make perfect gifts for wildlife lovers and enthusiasts.

Or just treat yourself and the local wildlife near your garden.

We hope you find our list insightful and you find the perfect product.

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1) Garden Hedgehog Hut

The humble British hedgehog is in decline; urbanisation has left this friendly spiky creature with very few suitable habitats left in the United Kingdom.

This high-quality and well built wooden hedgehog house would look lovely in any garden.

Well vented and with a solid base, this hedgehog house is built to last.

The removable roof allows for viewing while the secure fixings keeps cats out.

This product would make a great present for anyone who wants to encourage more wildlife to their garden. Place near bushes or borders and place food to attract hedgehogs.

2) Wildlife Camera Kit

This camera kit is designed specifically for use in the garden; place in bird boxes, rabbit hutches, hedgehog houses or just about anywhere wild animals take shelter.

The high-quality infrared camera produces clear images, even in low light, dark conditions.

The wide-angle lens captures the full image, even in a small area.

Enjoy HD footage through the 20-metre cable and HDMI converter box. 

If you know someone who has wildlife boxes in their garden, this would a great present for them. Or you can buy as part of a pack to accompany a hedgehog house or bird’s box.

3) The Wildlife Gardener Book

Described by Alan Titchmarsh as a “joyous book” and by Chris Packham as “a book which helps you to create wildlife habitats in your very own garden, and is very handily split into sections on shelter, food and water”.

Kate Bradbury explains how to attract specific species of birds, mammals, bees, butterflies, moths and pond life to your garden.

You’ll also find 10 step-by-step instructions on how to create a wildlife-friendly garden, which includes how to build animal huts, houses and bee hives.

This is a practical book with tons of tips and is essential reading for anyone who wants to encourage more wildlife into their garden.

4) Ladybird Garden Tower

Ladybirds are preditors to greenfly and aphids, so deploying this tower and purchasing live ladybirds (sold separately), you can control pests without using harsh chemicals.

This makes the ladybird tower perfect for anyone who grows fruit or veg in their garden.

Help native ladybirds thrive in your garden with this wooden tower built from natural wood and finished with a sloping roof.

This tower would look great in any garden border.

A central chamber can be accessed by ladybirds via the holes drilled upwards, this prevents water ingress and keeps the void dry and insulated.

The tower comes complete with a ground stake for easy insertion into flowerbeds and borders.

5) Bee Hotel & Seeds

Solitary bees need a home too and the good news for you gardeners out there is that they aren’t as aggressive as their honey-protecting cousins.

This bee hotel is manufactured from timber but has a durable and long lasting roof made from zinc.

The house also comes with a pack of seeds so you can grow bee-loving plants in your garden.

Choose this product as a present for anyone who loves their garden but also wants to create a wildlife haven and protect the bee population, which has been declining year-on-year for decades.

6) The Spinning Bird Feeder

If you’ve ever tried to feed birds in your garden you’ll know how crafty squirrels can be, they can get at seeds no matter how they’re stored and most feeders and feeding stations are nowhere near squirrel-proof.

A small group of squirrels can consume all your food before the birds even notice it’s there.

Well, a company in the United States has produced the most entertaining squirrel-proof bird feeder that is guaranteed to keep them away from the seeds and you’ll get a ton of entertainment watching the squirrels desperately trying to get at the food.

The product requires a battery and uses a motor to spin the device until the squirrel falls off.

As you can see from the video, some squirrels are more determined than others!

The downside – it’s only sold in the US, so you’ll need to get it imported and it’s not cheap.

7) 25kg of Bird Food

If you’ve previously purchased bird food from a local garden centre or DIY store, you’ll be aware of how expensive it is and how tiny the bags are that hold the seed.

There are several online stores that sell bird feed in bulk, with the largest product weighing in at an impressive 25kg.

Save yourself a small fortune by buying bulk or purchase as a gift for someone who enjoys seeing birds in their garden.

8) Wildlife Bug Home

This bug barn is made from certified FSC timber and has plenty of crevices, holes and hollows to accommodate many different bug species.

Constructed with thick walls for good insulation, this barn also has a sloping lid to keep out the rain and can be fixed to walls, fences and other sturdy structures.

Expect to see bees, butterflies, ladybirds, lacewings and many more.

Just store in a sheltered location near borders and flowering plants.

9) Premium Bird Feed Station

A wonderful gift for any gardener that would like to encourage more birds into their garden, this bird feeder station is made from sturdy metal and finished in dark brown/black hammertone colour.

Hang any type of feeder from the eight hooks on this feeder pole which is made with a decorative bird final and leaves of varying sizes.

Each arm is adjustable with two hooks on each, you can swivel each arm as required.

This gift would look perfect in any garden and looks much more aesthetically pleasing than most feeder poles.

Encourage more bird life to feed in the garden with this premium product manufactured by Green Jem.

 10) Garden Bird Box

Garden bird boxes are one of the easiest ways to encourage wildlife into the garden. Secure the box to a wall, roof overhang or tree and sit back and watch while local birdlife take up residence.

Made from timber and painted with gloss, this box has a sloping roof for rain protection.

 11) Wildflower Seed Bomb

Bees, butterflies and many other insects absolutely love wildflowers. This pack contains a DIY seed ball kit comprised of 24 different seed species that are all endorsed by the RHS as pollinators.

Make your own wildflower seed balls in any garden or lawn, this would make a lovely gift.

 12) Photography Course

Do you know someone who loves wildlife and photography? This online course by Udemy is for both beginner and advanced photographers and has a near 5-star rating from past students.

This course contains 87 lectures over 8 hours. Finish in your own time at your own pace.

 13) Window Bird Feeder

Window bird feeders are a fantastic way to get close to birds in a garden. Secure the box to the pane of glass and fill with seeds, then sit back and watch as birds feed only inches away from the window.

This feeder makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys watching wild birds in their garden.

 14) Wall Bird Bath

During the hot summer months, water availability is reduced and birds often have to fly out of urban areas to locate water. Birdbaths come in many shapes and sizes and can make pleasant gifts.

Wall-mounted baths are ideal for small gardens, balconies and anywhere space is limited.

15) Border in a Box

Give the gift of seeds with this Border in a Box gift set which comprises seeds and detailed growing instructions for the perfect garden border. This gift makes growing a flower border easy.

Choose from shaded, sunny, evergreen, contemporary and several other popular options.

 16) Iron Hanging Bath 

Made from cast iron and made with a heart shape, this birdbath can also be used to hold seeds and can be hung from sturdy tree branches or brackets to create a watering or feeding station.

This vintage style bowl will look lovely in any garden and provides plenty of water for birds.

 17) Butterfly House

This dew drop butterfly house has three thin slots to allow easy access for butterflies whilst keeping predators out. Made from quality FSE timber and wrapped in latticed bamboo.

We think this would look great in any garden and with the right food, will attract butterflies.

 18) Garden Bat Box

Manufactured for Wildlife World from solid FSC timber, this bat box keeps out predators while allowing access to bats. A swivel base allows for human inspection and cleaning if required.

The bat box comes complete with instructions for fitting and location citing.

 19) Nest Spy Box

This simple bird box is made from light plastic, has suction pads so can be attached to a window and has a one-way mirror so you can watch nesting birds from the comfort of your home.

This would make a great educational gift for children who want to see birds nesting.

 20) Monocular Telescope

Lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket, made from splashproof materials and boasting 10 x magnification, this device is perfect for watching wildlife in the garden.

Use to keep a watch on birds, squirrels and bats, this is a must for a wildlife enthusiast.

 21) Wildlife Care Pack

This care pack comes with 3 goodies and is excellent value for money. You get 1 bird box, 1 insect hotel and a squirrel feed station. All are made from sturdy wood with metal loops for easy hanging.

This would make a great gift for anyone who wants to see more wildlife in their garden.


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