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Explore our hand-picked gifts for keen gardeners – choose a practical gift from our recently updated list

A selection of the best practical gifts for green-fingered gardeners

Handpicked by the team here at DIY Gardening

Below you’ll find a selection of gifts that are perfect for green-fingered gardeners.

Forget decorative items such as ornaments, birdbaths and plaques, this page lists practical items only i.e. products that a gardener can use again and again.

Below you’ll find the very best hand tools, electrical garden products and plenty more practical gift ideas.

Looking for a decorative gift or a present that’ll encourage wildlife into a garden? Check out our other gift ideas here.

1) Robot Lawn Mower

Why spend hours pushing a heavy lawnmower around a garden when technology can do it for you?

This robot lawnmower comes complete with boundary wires so it never strays onto a sensitive area, has a variable cutting height and will automatically make its way back to the charging station when the batteries run low.

This would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys growing the perfect lawn, it keeps the lawn cut short and neat with no effort required.

2) Power Secateurs

If you know someone who loves spending time trimming and pruning their garden plants, consider these secateurs as a gift.

The unique ratcheting gear system increases the cutting power by 20%. This reduces wrist and repetitive strain injuries and allows the user to be far more productive in the garden.

The razor-sharp blade on this secateur is complemented by a lightweight and ergonomic design.

3) Bosch Edging and Shrub Shears

The Bosch edging and shrub shears are perfect for delicate trimming work to grass edges, shrub pruning and hedge work.

Weighing around half a kilo, the Bosch Isio uses powerful Li-ion batteries which last up to 5o minutes.

The quick-release system on this device allows for super fast head changing and there are additional head units you can buy – a seed spreader, liquid spreader and various cutting blades.

This is one of the most practical gifts on our list and is perfect for anyone with lots of hedges, shrubs, bushes or grass edgings.


The Royal Horticultural Society’s garden design encyclopedia is the bible of garden design.

From initial planning and ground preparation to choosing plants and colour combinations, this RHS book is brimming with ideas and inspiration.

Jam-packed with images and case studies, this is the go-to resource for anyone designing any part of their garden from borders and patios to ponds and drainage.

Other books in the series include the encyclopedia of plants and flowers, where to plant flowers, propagating plants and the A-Z of plants.

5) Soil Testing Kit

Plants grow stronger roots, stems and produce more flowers with brighter colours if planted in the best soil for that species.

The only way to check the soil contents is by testing the PH level. Additives, manure and compost can then be added to the soil to achieve the perfect growing conditions.

The Royal Horticultural Society offers a complete and in-depth soil analysis but the turnaround time is around 4 weeks and it’s not cheap.

An alternative is to buy a home testing kit, you can purchase these online and in minutes you’ll gain insights into your garden’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to make adjustments accordingly.


This would make another great gift for birthdays, Christmas or just as a thank you.

This garden hand tools set contains everything a gardener needs for potting small and medium-sized plants.

You’ll find pruning shears, a hand rake, sprayer, various trowels, trimmers and tumbling tools which all come packed neatly in a plastic carry case.

This is a sturdy set of tools with comfortable ergonomic handles decorated in a colourful floral pattern.

This would make a perfect gift for a female gardener.

7) Compost Tumbler

Compost tumblers are the quickest way to break down garden waste material and kitchen scraps into usable compost.

By turning the tumbler you’ll accelerate the composting process.

Locate the tumbler near the kitchen for ease of use, each compartment holds 70 litres and the device is both lightweight for easy relocation and sturdy enough to support the weight of the compost.

Do your bit for the environment by reducing the amount of waste you send to landfill and buy less compost from garden centres.

8) Portable Boot Brush

Do you know someone who always brings the garden back into the home with them?

This boot brush requires no fixings, just push the side plates down and step on them to secure the brush to the floor while you clean the other boot.

Made from sturdy and rustproof material, this brush and scraper is built to last.

Perfect for cleaning wellington boots, walking shoes and just about any other footwear.

Because this boot cleaner doesn’t need to be secured to the floor, you can take it anywhere, from hiking in the mountains to cleaning garden mud from your shoes before you walk across patios/driveways etc.

9) Thorn and Scratchproof Gloves

These premium gloves are made specifically for gardeners, the thick cowhide protects the wearer from scratches and wounds from cactus, roses, prickly shrubs and other sharp or barbed plants.

In addition to protecting the hands, the wrists and forearms are also covered, making these perfect for cutting back large bushes and shrubs.

These breathable, all-leather gloves aren’t just tough, they are also pliable, meaning you can hold small items such as seeds and flower heads. These are the best gardening gloves you can purchase and will last for many years.

 10) Shed Alarm Siren

This home alarm system is perfect for securing tools and equipment in a garden shed or garage. The kit comes complete with passive sensors as well as door sensors, an alarm siren and a remote key fob.

This alarm is expandable, you can add extra sirens, door/window and motion sensors if you wish.

 11) Multi-Tool Kit

This petrol multi-tool is perfect for anyone with lots of trees, hedges and bushes in their garden. Switch between chainsaw, hedge trimmer and grass strimmer. A long reach pole is also included.

This multi-tool also includes safety gloves, goggles, ear defenders and a harness.

 12) Leaf Blower/Sucker

Forget using a rake or broom to pick up leaves and garden debris, this 3-1 tool is 300watts and blows leaves, vacuums them into a bag and shreds/mulches them into a 45-litre detachable bag.

Weighing only 3.3kg, this blower can reach speeds of 185mph, perfect for leaf and debris clearing.

 13) Tool Bag & Seat

This practical and sturdy tool bag by Makita is perfect for storing small garden hand tools in one convenient place. There is plenty of room and the bag also doubles up as a comfy seat too.

Use this anywhere in the garden; when pruning hedges or bushes or tending to prized roses.

 14) Paper Pot Maker

Do your bit for the environment by reducing plastic waste, this paper pot maker contains everything you need to create plant pots from waste paper you have at home.  If you know someone who uses a lot of plastic pots, this would make a great gift.

Just transfer the plants, there’s no need to take them out of the pots as the paper decomposes into the soil.

15) Foam Knee Pad

A practical gift for any gardener, this knee pad is made from comfortable memory foam and has a sturdy hard-wearing outer layer for protection. This would make a great gift for those with sore knees, it’s also lightweight and likely to get a lot of use.

Choose from 11 different colours, this product has excellent ratings and reviews on Amazon.

 16) Collapsible Bucket

Do you know someone who loves tending to their garden or plants but has limited storage space? This collapsible bucket holds water, waste or tools and when not in use, just fold it down flat for easy storage. A simple yet practical solution.

This is another practical product from Burgon and Ball with great reviews and ratings on Amazon.

 17) Leaf Grabber

If you have a ton of trees on your property, you’ll know how many leaves they can produce in the Autumn. This large leaf grabber makes easy work of collecting leaves, use with a leaf blower and large collection bags to reduce your workload.

Spend less time leaf collecting and more time on the things you enjoy in the garden.

 18) Pop Up Bags

Why use tons of smaller bags that rip, tear or fall apart when you can buy these huge 240-litre fully collapsable pop-up bags. Water repellant and tear-resistant, these bags are designed to last for years. They can be flattened for ease of storage.

The four carry handles make transporting your garden waste in these tough bags a breeze.

 19) Cutting Toolset

This kit by Spear and Jackson is perfect for gardeners who do a lot of cutting and trimming in the garden. The set comprises telescopic loppers (up to 940mm), chrome-plated hedge shears with shock absorbers and ergonomic bypass secateurs.

Make light work of trimming, cutting and pruning jobs with this razor-sharp toolset.

 20) Box of Tricks

Comprising over 100 individual pieces, including clips, ties, wire, hooks, link holders and wooden plant markers, this would make a practical gift for any pottering green-fingered gardener. Make light work of common garden tasks with this kit.

All the item are presented in a wooden nine-compartment gift box.

 21) RHS Book

What Plant Where is one of our favourite gardening books, let the experts from the Royal Horticultural Society help you choose the best place to locate your plants. Make the most of your garden so your plants grow to their full potential.

Packed with photos and guides for 3000 plant species, this the best book we’ve found.


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