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This list was of edging products thoughtfully compiled by Hannah Miller and reviewed by Daniel Woodley. Published to Ideas on the 8th February 2020. Updated: 5th February 2023.

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Explore DIY Gardening’s handpicked list of practical and beautiful garden and lawn edging ideas.

From traditional timber and weathered slate to stones, pebbles and coloured concrete, we’re confident you’ll get a bucket load of inspiration from our list.

Let us help you find the best material and method of separating your garden lawn or border.

Galvanised Steel Lawn Edging:

If you’re looking for a practical and affordable lawn edging, this product could be for you.

Made from galvanised steel, this edging is ridiculously easy to install; just unroll the product, cut to size with a pair of tin snips and tap into the ground.

Steel is rustproof and sturdy enough to withstand contact with lawnmowers and strimmers so expect this lawn edging to last for years.

Each roll is 10 metres (32 feet) long and 16.5cm (6 inches) tall. Once in place, you’ll have a neat, clean divide between the lawn and flowerbeds.

Rubber Edge:

Manufactured from recycled rubber and available in four colours, this lawn edging is perfect for smaller gardens where a fine, detailed lawn edge is required.

While not the cheapest product on the market, the choice of colours and ease of use make this one of the best edgings you can buy.

Lawnmower and strimmer proof, this product won’t rust, is UV resistant and held in place with long pegs.

Use in straight lines or around bends, this lawn edging is flexible enough for almost any garden design.

By using a product made from 100% recycled rubber, you’re also doing your bit for the environment.

Invisible Super Slim Edge:

There might be scenarios where you’ll want a super slim and invisible lawn edging; to form small circles, in very small gardens where space is limited or as part of a feature where the edge shouldn’t be seen.

This edging is so slim it’s nearly invisible but its key feature is its flexibility. 

This product can be used to create tiny spaces, from circles around flowerbeds and trees to forming unusual shapes such as ovals, triangles or even squares.

This sturdy plastic lawn edging can be bent into any shape while also remaining near invisible.


Bamboo makes a unique, natural lawn edging that is both affordable and easy to install.

To save money, you can even make your own from bamboo lengths and garden wire. By creating your own, you can also tailor the height so it best suits your garden.

This bamboo garden edging is 15cm tall and each roll is 2 metres long.

Use in straight lines or created curves, 90° angles are more difficult to form but with a little creativity is doable.

We feel that bamboo would look great around water features or in oriental gardens.


By using two or more slim lawn edging products, you can create a narrow strip of land perfect for decorative gravel.

Fine gravel is best suited to small gardens or around features such as statues, ponds, sheds or even patios.

Use larger stones in larger gardens and around long or wide flowerbeds.

There are many ways to achieve a gravel lawn edging, the product below is just of many slim edgings you can choose from.

Choose gravel and you get really creative with different patterns, colours and gravel sizes.

Glow in the Dark Stones:

These man-made glow-in-the-dark pebbles would make an excellent border feature.

Mix them with gravel for borders, add them to flowerpots or even sprinkle either side of paths, walkways or patios.

These pebbles soak up UV light during the daytime and glow for several hours in the evening.

Choose from several colours or get creative and mix and match.

Expect them to last up to 15 years.

Log-Effect Plastic:

Logs of wood which have been cut in half have been a popular edging choice for years. These logs however are made from durable, weather-resistant and rot-proof plastic.

Perfect for edging lawns to borders and flowerbeds, this log-effect product looks like real wood, last for years and doesn’t require any painting or staining.

If you like the look of logs but want a lawn edging that will last longer and is low maintenance, choose this product by Cellfast.


EverEdge is a US-based manufacturer of metal slim lawn edgings. The metal is galvanised to prevent rust and is thin enough to bend around corners.

Once installed, EverEdge forms a neat thin edge for lawns.

Don’t take our word for it, check out their promotional video:

Flexi Curve:

Made from recycled car tyres, this rubber lawn edging has a scroll design pattern imprinted on the sides and would look great in any garden.

Choose from two different colours; black or brown.

This is by far one of the easiest products we’ve installed, just lay on a flat surface and use a rubber or wooden hammer to knock the long pins into the ground.

The Flexi Curve is an environmentally friendly decorative lawn edging product that, as the name suggests, can be bent to create curves and circles.

Full Log Effect Lawn Edging Idea:

While half-width logs are popular, full-width logs are just as beautiful and practical.

Made from plastic with a wood-effect finish and coloured brown, these make a long-lasting and practical alternative to real wood.

We’ve seen this exact product in a garden and it’s sturdy enough to withstand knocks and the occasional contact with a strimmer.

Construct Your Own Lawn Edging:

Building your own lawn edging from timber isn’t as tricky as you may think, especially if the edge is straight.

The image below shows what you can easily create, just follow the steps in this video.

Rubber Bricks:

Made from solid recycled rubber, these interlocking bricks are secured to the ground with spikes and can be used in straight or slightly curved lawn edgings.

This product is a lightweight alternative to concrete or timber edging, requires no maintenance and is strimmer and lawnmower proof.

Each pack contains 6 bricks and comes supplied with fixing spikes.

Choose from several colours to compliment your garden’s design.

Cobblestone-Effect Edgings:

Made from rubber, these cobblestone-effect blocks are secured to the ground with long spikes.

Easy to lay and looking just like real concrete stones, these edgings require no maintenance and last for years. 

Resistant to weathering, strimmers and lawnmowers, this would make a perfect lawn or border edging.

Brick Soldier Course Edging Ideas:

Bricks laid side-by-side or leaning against each other look great at the lawn edge or around flowerbeds and other garden features.

There are hundreds of different types of bricks to choose from each with different colours and textures.

These bricks should ideally be secured in place with a concrete footing, this stops movement and subsidence. If you want a natural look to your garden, just lay them directly to well-compacted soil.

Cobbled-Effect Lawn Edging Ideas:

Made from plastic with a cobbled-effect finish, these inserts are incredibly easy to use, just press into the ground interlock with the next piece.

Perfect for straight and slightly curved lawn and flowerbed edges.

This product is one the cheapest available and is also the easiest to use.

Create a lawn edging in minutes with these cobbled-effect inserts.

Log Roll Lawn Edging Ideas:

Using logs as a lawn edging idea works very well but they’ll last much longer if screwed to a length of backing timber. This helps the logs to remain rigid so they don’t topple over.

Of course, you can just tap them into the soil and they’ll look fine for a few years.

You can find these rolls at most garden and DIY centres or order online:

Metal Mini Fence Garden Edging Ideas:

Made from thick metal and coated with a black plastic weatherproof finish, this mini fence garden edging idea would look great around ponds, water features, flowerbeds and decorative lawns.

Create large circles, triangles, squares or rectangles with this sturdy mini fence that we feel is best suited to traditional gardens.

Each pack contains 5 panels which are each 45cm long.

This fence can also be used in conjunction with other lawn or garden edgings such as gravel, stones, rocks or cobbles.

Get creative with this great garden edging idea:

Roofing Slate:

Use roofing slate, preferably old, weathered slate and you can easily come up with dozens of garden edging ideas.

Place in the ground vertically if you want a tall border, use them horizontally for a shorter edging or stack them together for thickness.

Slate is a beautiful material and if used thoughtfully, can be a wonderful addition to a garden.

Roofing slate is strong, won’t rot or rust, never requires painting and is suitable for both modern and classic styled gardens.

Pro tip: every roofer’s yard will have hundreds of reclaimed slates for sale, often at great prices.


A gabion is a wire cage that is typically square or rectangular in shape. The cage can be filled with almost anything although rocks and stones are the most popular items.

Strong and sturdy, gabions were initially used as retaining walls but have in recent years been deployed for aesthetic reasons.

Use them instead of brick walls, fences or as a garden edging idea. 

You can create hundreds of patterns from many different materials; slate, stones, rocks, even old building materials.

Rope Lights:

Rope lights are typically low voltage LEDs that are powered from solar panels or wired to your existing home consumer (fuse) box.

Lights allow you to be truly creative, secure to the sides of fences, walls, garden edgings or place around trees, flowerbeds or along paths.

Creative lighting adds style and ambience to any garden, rope lights are the easiest to work with but do consider other garden lighting ideas such as solar-powered edging stakes.

Railway Sleepers:

Railway sleepers and mini sleepers make excellent garden edgings and borders. 

In fact, there are hundreds of uses for sleepers in the garden; lawn edgings, steps, flowerbeds, retaining walls, benches, tables and much more.

Railway sleepers are one of our favourite lawn edging ideas and would suit any garden, modern or classic or anything in between.

You can choose from different sizes and finishes, pick used sleepers or new wood that’s been cut to the shape of a sleeper.

Pebble Garden and Lawn Edging Ideas:

There are hundreds of ways you can use small pebbles and stones to create many different garden edging ideas.

Lay them side by side, place them between timber boards, embed them in cement or mix different colours and sizes to create truly unique patterns.

Pebbles are cheap and can be purchased online in any quantity from a bag or two to several tonnes.

Too lazy to come up with your own pebble garden edging ideas? – You can buy pre-made pebble edgings, just press down onto wet cement and let it dry (2nd pic).

Large Rocks For Borders and Edging:

Large rocks make for excellent garden edgings, especially if the yard is large in size.

The rocks themselves become a feature and compliment wide flowerbeds.

Also consider large rocks on uneven ground, the larger rocks can be used at the lowest part of the length with smaller rocks higher up (see pic below).

While heavy and difficult to move around, there’s no need for cement as the rocks will naturally settle. There’s rarely a need for them to be perfectly straight and level.

Rope Top Terracotta Garden Edging Ideas:

“Rope top” edgings have been around for years, so long so that you’ll often see second-hand ones in reclamation yards.

Modern rope tops can be found in most garden centres and are made from either terracotta or concrete.

Choose from several colours and sizes, this type of garden edging can be used around flowerbeds and lawns.

While many gardeners bed these into concrete, there’s really no need – just press them into the ground and they will support themselves.

A popular choice in traditional gardens, choose rope tops if you want your yard to ooze class.


Willow Mini Fence Edging:

Made from willow and secured to the ground with beech stakes, this garden edging is best suited to gardens where the designer wants to keep a natural look and feel.

Use on flowerbeds, around paths and as a lawn edging.

This simple yet beautifully designed edging is surprisingly sturdy but is best suited to soft ground.

We Asked Paul Farley For His Advice on Lawn and Garden Edging

Paul Farley is a consultant here at DIY Gardening and has experience in landscaping on mid-to-large projects.

We asked him for his thoughts on the products listed on this page, here’s what he told us:

The edging products from Amazon et al will be fine for small gardens, around vegetable patchs or even allotments, but if your readers have a substantial garden, I think they would be better off investing in something less flimsy.

I’ve witnessed similar products fail after a few years as they aren’t built to last.

Local landscape gardeners should be able to construct bespoke edgings such as:

1) Low-level brick walls.

2) Solid timber barriers.

3) Embedding boulders at the edge of the lawn.

Paul Farley

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She enjoys gardening as much as she cares about the environment and likes to share her knowledge with others.

This year is all about pollinators, and Hannah has set herself the goal of only buying new plants that attract pollinators; she aims to make the garden as bee and butterfly friendly as possible.

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