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Delve into our popular lawn care guides and learn how to control pests, grow lawns in shade and correctly feed and treat grass:

Pest Control

Discover how to remove, prevent and deter garden pests that could ruin your plants and crops and cost you a fortune:

Soil & Compost

Questions about soils, composts, conditioners and much more are answered in our popular soil & compost knowledge base:

Ideas & Inspiration

Let us help you with ideas and inspiration for your next gardening project. Explore plant suggestions and combinations by our horticulturists:

Plant Guides

Need to know where and how to grow specific plants? Our plant growing guide section is still in progress, but see how much content we have for you here:

Equipment & Products

Let us show which tools, equipment and products professional gardeners use and which ones they avoid. Our suggestions are based on our hands-on experience:

Price Guides

I used to work as a project manager and have experience in home improvement, construction and landscape gardening. I have published price guides to help you get an idea of how much some common projects cost in the UK:

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“Your tarp method of catching lawn grubs is so effective, I managed to fill an entire bucket in just one morning”

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