Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To help complete newbies get started with gardening at home, help local wildlife and have fun outdoors

Our mission is to help complete newbies get started with gardening, whether that be growing fruits and vegetables, ornamental plants, or even creating a perfect lawn.

We also want to encourage budding gardeners to think more about their environment, use fewer chemicals and pesticides and introduce more wildlife-friendly plants into their gardens.

We provide hints and tips to complement our honest product reviews where we comment on the good, the bad and the ugly.

We also enjoy photography and aim to share our photos within this site, on our blog, or via our social media accounts.

Come join us at DIY Gardening, and let’s have some educational fun.

Daniel Woodley

Daniel spent over 17 years working in the construction industry, from running a small business serving local customers to working as part of a team on large projects in London and the southeast of the UK.

He now works as a publisher, specialising in construction, DIY and landscaping. He has created this website as a side project for his spare time when he’s not busy at work or pottering about in the garden.

Expect plenty of hints and tips for things like patios, decking, sheds and the “hard” aspect of landscaping along with price guides for workmanship and projects.

Favourite plant? Lavender for the aroma and also because he feels pollinators such as bees need more plants like this. 

Danny Woodley

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Hannah Miller

Hannah Miller

Having spent over 12 years working full-time for the NHS, she’s now switched to part-time employment and is delighted at the opportunity to spend more time in her garden and share knowledge about her favourite plants with readers of this website.

Her favourite plant? Dahlias of course!

Hannah’s favourite pages and guides can be found at Hannah’s Corner.

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Doogie the Labradoodle

Doogie the Labradoodle is still being confused with a Cockapoo despite no longer being a puppy but we wouldn’t swap him for any dog in the world.

Doogie helps in the garden by chasing cats, squirrels and other unwanted pests while also regularly pruning plants by munching and pulling on them. He frequently aerates the lawn by digging holes and tests the hardiness of our beautiful grass with the occasional yellow shower.

The garden would be a very dull place without him.

Doogie the Dog

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