Toob Downtime and Reliability in Camberley, Surrey

A diary of planned and unplanned downtime

Written by Daniel Woodley. Published to Off Topic Corner on 13th February 2023.

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I am a Toob customer who lives near Camberley in Surrey and below you’ll find a record of the all downtime I’ve had since I started using Toob on the 18th of January 2023.

Signup Date18th Jan 2023Installation was on time
Planned downtimeThurs 26th Jan 2023 (from 1am for 1 hour)Notified in advance
Planned downtimeFri 10th Feb 2023 (from 10pm for 19 hours)Notified in advance but engineering works overran by 5 hours. Toob apologised and added £10 compensation to my account.
Planned downtimeThurs 30th March 2023 (From midnight for 1 hour)Notified in advance
Early morning loss of connection30th and 31st October 2023 I lost conenction at around 3am for 15 minutes or soNot notified in advance
Intermittent downtime early morningJan and Feb 2024Over 7 days, mostly in the very early hours for 10mins-30mins at a time.
Downtime13th February (AM) 2024 (6 hours)Not notified in advance
Downtime20th Feb (AM) 2024 (1 hour)Not notified in advance
Downtime26th Feb 2024 into 27th Feb 2024 (9 hours downtime)Lost connection at 2230 on the 26th Feb 2024 and reconnected at 0930 the following morning. Not notified in advance. Call centre answered my call within 5 minutes.

I’ll update this table if there’s more downtime but bear in mind that I’m not always at home

Am I Happy With Toob?

When I signed up with Toob, I knew that they were a new company that was in the process of rolling out its infrastructure. 

It was obvious to me that there would be some downtime but as their download speeds are over 10 times faster than I was getting with Virgin and at half the price, it seemed like a great deal.

Am I happy with Toob?

Yes, I am. I don’t regret signing up but I was expecting some issues.

If you live in an area where Toob is rolling out and you’re thinking of signing up, do bear in mind that you probably will experience some disruption.

If you need 24/7 internet access, maybe you should wait until they are more established in your area.

How The Installation of Toob Went

If you’re considering Toob and want to know how the installation went at my property, read my write-up here, where I also reveal download speeds, issues with shared ip addresses and more. 

How To Get Internet Access Via Your Phone Connection

If you’re a Toob customer and they are down, you can setup a wifi connection to your mobile phone – a technique called tethering.

It only takes a few minutes to setup, but be aware that you’ll be using your mobile data allowance.

How to setup tethering on Andriod

How to setup tethering on iphone

Is Toob Down Now?

Check the Down Detector website and look at the map and results.

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