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The Cheapest Places to Buy Purple Allium Sensations

Create a stunning spring garden & save money at the same time

By Daniel Woodley at DIY Gardening

It’s that time of year again; despite having hundreds of purple sensation alliums in my borders, I can never seem to get enough of them, and the aisles of garden centres and even DIY stores are tempting me with their offerings.

This past spring was a corker with my alliums putting on a cracking show, and they certainly were a highlight of the season. I also managed to hide most of the foliage under other plants, so the stalks and distinctive purple globes rose majestically and swayed gently in the wind, adding plenty of movement to the garden.

This autumn, I promised myself I wouldn’t waste my money on expensive purple sensation allium bulbs from garden centres, and instead, I would buy in bulk.

During October 2021, I gathered prices from dozens of online retailers for purple sensation alliums; below, you’ll find the cheapest places for bulk orders above 50 bulbs.

(All prices below were correct as of October 2021 and include taxes and delivery)

1) Boston Bulb Wholesale

Boston Bulb Wholesale is based in Spalding, Lincolnshire, and they ship to the UK mainland for a flat fee of £4.99.

Below are the prices I sourced from them for purple sensation alliums. As with all the figures on this page, the prices shown are for delivery to my property and include tax:

50 bulbs: £19.99

100 bulbs: £27.99

500 bulbs: £102.99

1000 bulbs: £163.99

Boston Bulb Wholesale’s prices for purple allium sensations are currently lower than both J Parkers Wholesale and J Parkers retail website. They were slightly more expensive than Farmer Gracy for low volume orders below 100 bulbs.

Online reviews of Boston Bulb Wholesale were good, but I couldn’t find many of them, which suggests they aren’t actively asking customers to review their business online.

Boston Bulbs Wholesale

2) J Parkers

J Parkers Wholesale use the website dutchbulbs.co.uk and specialise in bulk orders of tulips, daffodils, alliums and other spring-flowering bulbs as well as perennials, shrubs, hedges and other plants.

Here are the prices I sourced from them for purple sensation alliums, inclusive of tax and delivered to my property in Surrey:

50 bulbs: £22.14

100 bulbs: £32.34

500 bulbs: £97.14

1000 bulbs: £187.14

It’s worth noting that this seller added a low-volume surcharge to the 50 and 100 bulb orders; I’ve included this in the price shown above.

For orders below 100 bulbs, J Parkers Wholesale wasn’t the cheapest, but for orders around 500 bulbs, they were very competitive, while for orders of 1000 and above, they were a little more expensive.

You can visit the J Parker Wholesale site here.

This company also has a retail website that offers better prices for smaller orders but higher prices for bulk purchases; you can check that out here.

I found thousands of online reviews for J Parkers Wholesale, including over 2000 on Trustpilot, and most of them were very good. They also had 15,000 reviews for their retail business.

J-Parkers Wholesale

3) Farmer Gracy

Farmer Gracy is based in the Netherlands, and they ship their bulbs directly to their customers in the UK.

They don’t have an address or warehouse in the UK, but all sales are in GBP.

Below you’ll find the prices they gave me, inclusive of tax and delivery:

50 bulbs: £17.31

100 bulbs: £26.24

500 bulbs: £106.25

1000 bulbs: £212.50.

As you can see, their prices for lower volumes are very competitive; 50 bulbs for £17.31 delivered to the doorstep is a great price.

Unfortunately, their prices for larger orders of over 500 bulbs were far higher than their competition.

I found plenty of reviews online, including over 13,000 on the Reviews website and over 2000 on Trustpilot.

You can visit Farmer Gracy’s website here.

Farmer Gracy

4) Crocus

Crocus is a popular online retailer for plants, bulbs and garden related products; they are based in Windlesham in Surrey and ship to most of the UK mainland.

Here are the prices they gave for purple allium sensation bulbs delivered and inclusive of VAT:

  • 30 bulbs: £18.99.
  • 150 bulbs: £43.66.
  • 500 bulbs: £143.97.
  • 1000 bulbs: £283.95.

As you can see, their price for allium purple sensation bulbs is generally much higher than their competitors, except their 150 bulb pack, which is well priced.

Reviews of Crocus are generally good or very good with the few issues raised mainly related to deliveries of tender plants. I’ve purchased plants from Crocus several times before and was impressed by their packaging, which seemed to secure the plants well, so they didn’t get damaged in transit.

Visit the Crocus website here.


5) Thomson & Morgan

I’ve used Thomson & Morgan before, and they’re great for smaller quantities up to 100 bulbs, but they’re less competitive on bulk orders.

There are two things I like about this business, beyond their low prices for smaller orders:

  • They sometimes do crazy special offers where you can get bulbs and plants for a fraction of the price. This alone makes signing up for their emails worthwhile.
  • They sell mixed selections of bulbs which are a great way to test out new plants affordably.

These are the prices Thomson & Morgan gave me for orders of purple sensation alliums in October 2021:

  • 48 bulbs: £19.98.
  • 96 bulbs: £24.98.

When I checked, they weren’t selling packs with more than 96 allium bulbs in them, and their delivery fee was £4.99.

It’s worth noting that you can add other items to the delivery with no extra delivery fees.

Reviews of Thomson & Morgan are mixed, but many of the issues raised are related to the delivery of delicate plants.

Visit the Thomson and Morgan website here.

Thomson Morgan logo

Other Allium Purple Sensation Suppliers Worth a Mention

We looked at dozens of allium purple sensation suppliers, and the five listed above are, in our opinion, the best based on price and online reviews.

Other suppliers worth checking out are:

Sarah Raven: Slightly higher prices and mixed to poor reviews.

RHS: They use bulbs from crocus.co.uk, so you might as well order direct rather than going through the RHS.

Amazon: It’s always worth checking this online retailer as some garden centres occasionally sell extra stock here at discounted prices.

Allium purple sensation
Allium purple sensation after opening
Two purple allium sensations

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Allium bloom time chart

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