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Written by Hannah Miller. Published to Our Plants on the 13th December 2021. Updated 6th February 2023.

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Lilies are beautiful garden plants, and the tree variety will make an impact whether grown in a container or in a border.

Tall and hardy, each plant can produce dozens of large trumpet blooms.

Tree lilies aren’t actually trees but they have taken this species to a new height – up to 2.5 metres to be precise, but it will take up to 3 years to reach this potential.

Everything about tree lilies is bigger; large bulbs up to 18cm, thick 5cm stems and up to 30 20cm trumpet blooms.

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  • Flowers in July and August.
  • Grows up to 2.5 metres tall.
  • Up to 30 blooms per plant.

Latin Name:
Also Known As:
Bulb Size:
Planting Depth:
Planting Distance:
Planting Time:
Soil Type:
Flowering Time:
Giant Lily, Super Lily, Tree Lily.
Full Sun/Partial Shade, if possible with roots in the shade
Up to 1.5m in year 1. Up to 2.5m by year 3
3 times their height
Well drained, fertile
Very - no need to lift for winter, light mulch in extreme cold winter
July and August
Yes, inc to pets
Yes but maintain good drainage

When to Plant Tree Lily Bulbs

Plant out as soon as the bulbs arrive provided the soil is neither frozen nor waterlogged. Otherwise store the bulbs in a dark, cool location and plant out by late March.


The best location for tree lilies is in full or partial sun in soil that’s well-drained. If possible, choose a spot where the roots are in the shade and the blooms will be in the sun.

Depth and Spacings

As a general rule of thumb, insert the bulbs to a depth 3 times their height.

The bulbs can be spaced 20cm to 40cm apart but closer in containers.

Support and Stakes

Tree lily stems are around 5cm thick so are sturdy enough to support the weight of the foliage and blooms until the plant reaches 1.5metres in height, after which it will benefit from some support in the form of staking. This is optional but recommended.

Tree lilies grown in windy, exposed locations should always be staked for support.

The best garden stakes and supports can be found here.

Water, Fertiliser and Soil

Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged and apply a general fertiliser during the growing season. The best soil is fertile but free-draining.


Tree lilies are poisonous so deter most pests but the lily beetle is active from March to October and will devour the leaves.

Read how to deal with lily beetles on the Gardener’s World website.

Overwinter Care

Tree lilies are herbaceous perennials that die back to ground level each year. The bulbs then sprout again in the spring.

As winter-hardy plants, they do not require lifting or storing for the winter but, in particularly cold climates, may benefit from a top layer of insulating mulch.

As with all bulbs, the foliage and stems send energy to the bulb, even after flowering, and this is needed to ensure the bulb survives the winter and performs well the following year.

Tree lilies

Tree lilies

Tree Lily Summary

Tree lilies are an excellent addition to any garden where vertical interest is required.

Grow in pots or in borders where they can grow up to 2.5 metres.

Expect up to 30 large trumpet blooms from this low maintenance plant that comes back year after year.

You can buy tree lily bulbs from here.

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