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The Best Mosquito Killers

Get rid of mosquitos from your home and garden

The Best Mosquito Killer and Deterrent Products

By the team at DIY Gardening

Welcome to another entry in our Garden Pest Control Guide.

Mosquitos are perhaps the most irritating gardening pest there is; a real gardener’s vampire. They’ve been known to ruin a fair few garden parties and events too!

These flying menaces always seem to make an appearance at the worst possible time for us, usually when we have our dinner in the garden after a hot summer day.

Not only are mosquitos an absolute pest, but they also carry diseases and leave itchy, sore bumps on the skin that can drive you crazy.

On this page, we’ll look at the best mosquito killer products as well as deterrents, screens and other suggestions that work.

So whether you have a mosquito problem in your home or garden, explore our helpful guide:

Gadino mosquito killer

1) Gardino Indoor Mosquito Deterrent:

  • The best indoor mosquito and fly deterrent.
  • Lots of positive Amazon reviews.
  • Chemical-free and pet safe.
  • Covers a wide area.
Outdoor mosquito killer

2) Nebula Outdoor Mosquito Killer:

  • Use UV light to attract mosquitos.
  • Voltage grid inside the device to kill the mosquitos.
  • Collection tray for easy disposal.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
Seenlast portable

3) Seenlast Portable:

  • Battery-powered so 100% portable.
  • Rain and splash-proof.
  • No chemicals or odours etc.
  • Built-in torch – great for camping, patios and balconies etc.
Neem spray for mosquitos

4) Neem Oil:

  • Natural and effective mosquito deterrent and killer.
  • Extracted from Neem trees which naturally repel mosquitos.
  • Widely used in India.
  • No toxic compounds and safe for children over 4 yrs.
Mosquito water dunks

5) Mosquito Killer Dunks:

  • Use in any standing water.
  • Ponds, gutters, rain barrels, water features etc.
  • Pet safe, also safe for fish and humans.
  • Kills juvenile mosquitoes before they are old enough to bite.

1) Gardino Indoor Deterrent: 

Gardino Indoor mosquito repellent


While not technically a mosquito killer, this product from Gardino is by far the best indoor deterrent.

In each pack, you get six devices that you can plug into the power sockets around your home.

The devices emit a low-level ultrasonic wave that mosquitos and other bugs hate. In less than a week, many, if not all of these flying vampires will be running for the exit and any newcomers will be deterred from hanging around.

The Gardino devices are 100% safe, no chemicals, glues or foul odours, and you can use them in any room, even the kitchen.


  • It’s the best indoor mosquito deterrent we tested and worked very very well.
  • The positive reviews – over 1500 so far.
  • The devices are small and discreet.
  • No trays to empty and no odours, chemicals etc.


  • Isn’t a mosquito killer but made it onto our list as it’s so effective at deterring them.
  • Takes at least 7 days before you’ll notice a reduction in mosquitos so the results aren’t immediate.
  • Doesn’t work outdoors.

2) Nebula Outdoor Mosquito Killer:

Mosquito killer


The Nebula is a sleek and well-designed mosquito killer for indoor and outdoor use.

Nebula emits a safe yet powerful UV light to attract the flying menaces, it then devours the blood-sucking vampires by way of electrocution.

The mosquito remains are then deposited into a removal tray for easy disposal.

We liked the design of this mosquito killer; it’s square and has a sturdy chain so you can hang it discreetly on walls.  The built-in stand allows you to place the zapper on tables and worktops if you prefer.

You can expect good coverage from the Nebula, even in outdoor areas all thanks to its double-sided design – UV light is emitted from both sides. It can attract mosquitos from an entire room or patio area.


  • Sleek design.
  • Double-sided UV light emitter.
  • No odour or chemicals etc.
  • Pet and child safe.
  • The hanging chain and stand.


  • Mains powered and not waterproof, so it needs to be brought indoors during bad weather.
  • The power cable could be longer.
  • The tray is small, and you’ll need to empty the dead mosquitos frequently.

3) Seenlast Battery Powered Mosquito Killer:

SeenLast portable mosquito killing device


This mosquito killer from Seenlast is similar to other UV products in that the UV light attracts the mosquitos, an electrical current then kills them.

What makes this device stand out from the crowd is its portability and durability.

While not the prettiest or sleekest mosquito killer, it is rain and splash proof and the batteries can be easily replaced.

There’s no power cord to worry about so you can take the Seenlast anywhere. Use it in your shed, garden or garage, take it camping or even hiking.

We do have two gripes to report; we didn’t like the design, and it’s not rechargeable. While you can replace the batteries and use rechargeable ones, there’s no recharging cable, and you’ll need to swap the batteries when they are drained.


  • This is a battery-powered mosquito killer, so it’s very portable and ideal for around campfires and also in tents etc.
  • Rain and splash-proof so there’s no need to worry if you leave it outside.
  • Also has a torch, perfect for hikers plagued by mosquitos.


  • Not rechargeable so you’ll need to replace the batteries or recharge them separately.
  • Quite small so is only suitable for tents, small rooms and garages etc. Maybe two devices would cover a patio.
  • The design isn’t very sleek or stylish, while it’s perfect for camping, sheds and garages, it would look out of place in our garden.

4) Neem Oil:

Neem oilspray


Neem oil has been used in India for hundreds of years and is an effective mosquito deterrent that can be applied to the skin and most plants.

The neem seeds are ground into a powder and then soaked with water; the resulting compound can be sprayed onto plants every week or so to deter many pests including mosquitoes.

The neem liquid is also an egg-laying deterrent and once consumed by mosquitoes, it disrupts their digestive system and stops them from consuming any more food, they then die.

Neem is widely used on organic crops as an alternative to pesticides (source) and is an effective mosquito killer.

Neem oil is sold in the UK in various forms from skin creams, ready-to-use garden sprayers to pure compounds that you’ll need to dilute yourself.

The Green and Vibrant website has a great guide to creating your own Neem oil bug repellent here; it’s well worth exploring if you want to go down the DIY route.


  • Natural product.
  • Bee-friendly.
  • Used widely in India.
  • Spray onto plants, flowers, crops etc in the garden.
  • Affordable, especially if you create your own DIY product.


  • Not as effective as chemical pesticides.
  • Limited number of products on sale with most users creating their own DIY product by diluting pure neem oil and buying a sprayer.
  • Needs to be reapplied after rain and at least once per week.

5) Mosquito Killer Dunks:

Mosquito water dunks


Standing water can contain many thousands of mosquito larvae and once these menaces take flight, you’ll be their first meal.

Mosquito killer dunks contain a bacteria that’s fatal to mosquito larvae and young mosquitoes but safe for all other animals, including fish, bees and pets.

Place these dunks anywhere there is standing water where mosquito larvae may be present; garden water features, ponds, rain barrels, gutters, bird drinking tables etc.

Each pack contains six dunks, and each one covers up to 100 sq feet of water. You can even break each dunk into pieces to treat smaller areas too.

Expect each dunk to last around a month, but you won’t need to use them all year, only during mosquito peak season.

These dunks are certified for organic use in the USA and have excellent reviews on Amazon, well over 1000 positive reviews so far.


  • Very effective.
  • Kills of larvae and young mosquitoes before they are old enough to bite.
  • Safe for all other animals, pets and humans etc.
  • Long-lasting effect, up to 30 days per dunk.


  • The price.
  • Will reduce mosquitoes from the water on your property but unless you can convince surrounding landowners to use them, their overall effectiveness may be limited (depends on the size of your land).

Are you plagued by mosquitoes?

Try these related products:

 After Bite:

After Bite provides the user with soothing relief from the pain of mosquito bites and is perfect for travellers or those who suffer soreness and pain from insect bites.

After Bite

 Bite Away:

Bite Away is an electronic device with over 10,000 reviews on Amazon. It emits heat which kills the poison from insect bites, thus reducing pain and swelling.

Bite away

 Window Screens:

Window fly screens are popular in many countries but less so here in the UK. Fitting this screen is easy and doesn’t require any drilling, there are several sizes too.

Mosquito screen

 Zap It Swatter:

No home would be complete without a satisfying mosquito swatter and this one has 4000 volts and can recharge via a USB cable. Perfect for zapping those flying vampires.

Mosquito zapper


How many times can a mosquito bite?

There’s no limit to how many times a mosquito can bite a human. The mosquito will consume blood until full, this can be from one victim or many.

Are there any natural ways to deter mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes follow the odour from their victim’s breath and eating garlic can deter them. There are many scents that can deter mosquitoes with lavender, cinnamon oil, thyme oil and lemon eucalyptus oil being the most effective. 

Why do mosquitoes bite?

The mosquito releases a blood coagulant into the wound, this makes it easier for the mosquito to withdrawal the blood and prevents the victim from feeding the wound so the activity goes undetected.

Do all mosquitoes bite?

Only female mosquitoes bite, they require the blood for reproduction. Male mosquitoes do need blood so they don’t bite.

What time of year do mosquitoes bite?

In the UK, mosquitoes are usually seen in summer and autumn. In winter and early spring, the evening and nighttime temperatures are too low for them to survive.

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