Cost to Buy and Install a New Garden Shed

Written by Daniel Woodley. Fact checked by Hannah Miller. Published to Price Guides on the 24th of January 2023.

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If you’re looking to install a garden shed in the UK and want a price for both the cost of the shed and the installation, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve purchased and built countless sheds, and on this page, I’ll provide you with a realistic price for the shed, labour and the cost to build a suitable base if you need that.

I can also help you get a custom quote online for your project.

Common Shed Sizes

Here you’ll see prices for the most common shed sizes:

6ft x 4ft (1.93m x 1.33m) – a tiny shed

8ft x 6ft (2.47m x 1.98m) – a medium-sized shed

12ft x 8ft (3.65m x 2.52m) a large shed

Installation Price Guide

The cost to buy and install a new garden shed will depend on several factors:

  • Quality of the shed.
  • Labour cost of the installer.
  • The type of base required, if any.

The prices below are averages:

6ft x 4ft Shed8ft x 6ft Shed10ft x 8ft Shed
Cost of shed: £750Cost of shed: £1200Cost of Shed: £1500
Install Cost: £325Install Cost: £375Install Cost: £425
Concrete Base Built: £500Concrete Base Built: £750Concrete Base Built: £1100
Plastic Shed Base Installed: £200Plastic Shed Base Installed: £250Plastic Shed Base Installed £450

The prices above include the following:

  • Delivery of the shed.
  • Labour for the shed installation.
  • Labour and materials for the installation of a concrete base.
  • Labour and materials for the installation of a plastic crate base, filled with pea shingle.
  • VAT included.

All About The Base

The base is the most important part of the installation and as a general rule of thumb, it should be level to within a 10mm tolerance.

If the ground isn’t level, the shed may warp over time, the glass window may break or the door may jam.

The best shed bases are made from concrete but these are costly to construct as we’ve discussed on this page – these bases are essentially a foundation and require a lot of effort and cement to build.

There are cheaper alternatives including plastic crates which are laid over a weed proof sheet and filled with gravel, as you see from the image below:

Shed grid base

There are also other ways to support a shed, but all are inferior to a concrete foundation, although most are cheaper.

Patio slabs are acceptable, but they should be bedded onto concrete to stop them from subsiding over time.

Timber frames are also possible, but they are the least sturdy option.

Unsuitable Bases

Bases that are unsuitable include:

  • Grass.
  • Soil.
  • Patio slabs laid directly onto soil or grass without a sub-base of sand or concrete.
  • Uneven concrete or patio slabs beyond 10mm tolerance.

Additional Costs

The prices on this page are for typical installations and exclude:

  • Carrying the shed through the house – direct access to the garden will be required.
  • Wiring or installation of sensors, lights or the like.
  • Insulation.
  • Painting or treatment.

The installers will also need a minimum of 24″ (60cm) space on each side of the shed.

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Most garden shed suppliers offer an installation service, but for non-standard installations, you may need to get a price from a garden specialist – fill in this form to get your custom quote.

Where Did The Prices on This Page Come From?

We’ve built countless sheds over the years, so we have a good idea of how much they cost.

However, for this price guide, we contacted 9 shed suppliers and installers in the UK and asked them for prices to supply and install 3 different sheds; 6ft x 4ft, 8ft x 6ft and 12ft x 8ft.

The prices displayed on this page are an average of the figures given to us.

Use them as a guide to the cost of buying and installing a garden shed.

(This shed installation price guide was created in January 2023)

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