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Written by Daniel Woodley. Fact checked by Paul Farley. Published to Prices. Updated on the 3rd March 2023.

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I’ve been in the landscaping business for years, and I’ve overseen hundreds of projects where turf was laid. I’ve found that it’s the fastest way to get grass established in a garden, and in most cases, you can walk on it in as little as three weeks, which is much sooner than a lawn grown from seed.

But how much does turf cost to buy in 2023 and how much are turf installers charging per square metre?

Per Square Metre Turf Prices

Every firm I’ve worked with prices their turfing projects on a ‘per square metre’ basis with adjustments for:

  • The quality of the turf – as there are several options to choose from.
  • Whether the ground is already prepared.
  • Whether any topsoil is required as some gardens have insufficient soil.

On this page, I’ve published a per square metre turf laying price guide for:

  1. DIY installations – this includes the turf and some topsoil delivered.
  2. Professional installation where the old lawn is removed, the ground prepared, and the new turf laid.

DIY Turf Cost Including Delivery

In the table below you’ll find prices for the delivery of turf and topsoil.

The figures are an average of the prices provided to me by 12 turf suppliers I contacted in the UK.

If you’re thinking about installing turf DIY, use these prices as a guide and make sure you’re not being overcharged.

Based on my experience, turf supply is a competitive business in the UK and all of the suppliers I contacted responded with similar prices:

Standard Turf Delivered
Top Soil Delivered
1-100 sq mtrs
£4.30 psm
£4.00 psm
101 - 200 sq mtrs
£4.10 psm
£4.00 psm
201+ sq mtrs
£3.80 psm
£4.00 psm

Full Preparation and Turf Laying Price Per Square Metre

I used to work full-time as a project manager in the landscaping business, and part of my role was to source prices from firms that laid turf.

For this price guide, I contacted 12 installers and asked them for a quote per square metre.

I know from experience that on most projects, additional topsoil will be needed; if it does and how much of it is required depends on what’s underneath the existing lawn. I’ve seen turf laid on a poor quality base before, and the grass thinned out by the year-end, so I suggest you budget for an extra 2.5cm/1″ of topsoil, although you may not need it or you may require more.

All of the prices displayed below are per square metre and include the turf, labour, waste disposal and VAT.

Ground Prepared & Standard Turf Laid
2.5cm/1" Top Soil Delivered and Laid
1-100 sq mtrs
£19 psm
£5.00 psm
101 - 200 sq mtrs
£18 psm
£4.50 psm
201+ sq mtrs
£16.50 psm
£4.00 psm

Also, I’ve worked on projects in the past where the customer prepared the soil and instructed the installer to come in and lay the turf. I’ve seen prices for this type of installation can go as low as £10 per square metre, so it’s worth shopping around.

Additional Costs to Consider

I know from experience that some projects are more complex than others and I’ve worked on gardens before that looked easy and straightforward but they turned into a challenge.

The prices on this page assume that your lawn doesn’t require any significant levelling. If your garden has large indents or you want to completely re-level a wayward garden, you can expect additional charges to cover the cost of the soil and labour.

I’ve worked with turf laying firms that charged extra if access issues prevented them from reaching the garden easily, for example, if they had to carry the turf a distance from their vehicle.

I also know that while premium turfs cost more, many of them perform better in shaded gardens or areas that receive lots of foot traffic, so they are worth considering.

Grass generally grows in most soil types, but I’ve worked on some lawns where the soil was so deficient in nutrients the customer had to pay extra for lots of topsoil and a soil improver additive.

How Difficult is Turf Laying?

I’ve never found turf laying a particularly difficult task, but the preparation work certainly is and can be quite literally back-breaking on larger plots.

Here’s how I used to lay turf before I moved into project management:

  • I would treat the existing lawn with a weed killer well before the installation date.
  • For the next step, I would strip back the existing grass and roots and dispose of the material.
  • Next, I would turn over the soil and rake/filter out any weeds, roots and large stones.
  • I would then add topsoil and, optionally a soil conditioner before levelling the soil.
  • After treading down the soil, I would lay the turf.
  • The final step was watering the turf.
  • I would then advise the customer to water it daily for two weeks until the roots had taken hold.

I’ve seen many competent and fit DIYers turf small gardens, but from my experience, larger areas require several people and should probably be left to the professionals who will have the equipment to finish the project in a more timely manner.

Where Did These Prices Come From?

I had a very good idea of how much turf costs as I’ve worked in this industry for years, but it’s been a while since I worked on a turf project so I contacted 12 turfing firms and asked them to provide me with prices for the supply and installation of turf. I also asked how much of a discount they offer for larger projects.

The prices displayed on this page are an average of the figures provided to me.

I think that this turf cost guide provides excellent insights into how much turfing costs in the UK, but every project is different, and there are lots of regional variations to consider.

To get a more accurate estimate, I suggest you contact a local installer and provide details and photos of the garden too.

Get a Price For Turf Laying

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The Bottom Line on Turfing

Turf is a great way to get a lawn fast, but it’s certainly not the cheapest, especially if you leave all the work to a professional who needs to remove the existing lawn and prepare the area.

If you can do the preparation work yourself, then there’s no reason why you can’t lay the turf as well, as I’ve found that the ground preparation is the hardest part of the project.

I do have some advice that’s based on my dealings and experience with customers; if you’re considering turf because you’re struggling to grow grass from seed, you should know that the turf will eventually struggle too if you don’t fix the underlying problem, which could be:

  • Lack of sunlight.
  • Poor drainage.
  • Heavily compacted soil.
  • Too much foot traffic and wear-and-tear.

I have worked for several customers who were adamant that turf would grow in their shaded gardens where grass seed had previously failed. This isn’t the case; there are grass seeds made specifically for shaded gardens, and if they struggle, so will turf.

Have you considered artificial grass? Modern fake grasses are more realistic than ever, and I’ve seen some last for decades, making them perfect for the lazy gardener or those with many children/pets.

This is how much artificial grass costs per square metre.

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The guide price for DIY installations is based on published prices for the delivery of turf and all other materials required, according to our experience.

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In his spare time, Daniel enjoys gardening, hiking and scrambling. He frequently posts videos to his popular YouTube Channel and is well known in the hiking community.

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