Turf Prices Per Square Metre

See how much professional turf laying costs per sq mtr

Turf is the fastest way to get grass established in a garden and in most cases, you can walk on it in as little as three weeks, which is much sooner than a lawn grown from seed.

But how much does turf cost per square metre and are there any extra charges?

Our Per Square Metre Turf Prices

While turf prices can be calculated per square metre, the final cost will be determined by:

  • The quality of the turf – there are several options to choose from.
  • Whether the ground is already prepared.
  • Whether any topsoil is required as some gardens have insufficient soil.

On this page, we’ve published a per square metre turf laying price guide for:

  1. DIY installations.
  2. Professional installation where the old lawn is removed, the ground prepared and the new turf laid.

DIY Turf Cost Including Delivery

We contacted 12 turf suppliers and asked them for prices to deliver their most popular turf to us.

We also sourced prices for an inch/2.5cm of topsoil to be delivered.

The turf prices below are an average of the figures provided to us and exclude labour and waste disposal.

Use this as a guide to DIY turf prices.

1-100 sq mtrs
Standard Turf Delivered
£4.30 psm
Top Soil Delivered
£4.00 psm
101 - 200 sq mtrs
Standard Turf Delivered
£4.10 psm
Top Soil Delivered
£4.00 psm
201+ sq mtrs
Standard Turf Delivered
£3.80 psm
Top Soil Delivered
£4.00 psm

Full Preparation and Turf Laying Price Per Square Metre

Don’t want to lay the turf yourself?

This is how much it costs to get a professional to remove an old lawn, including weeds, turn the soil over and lay new turf.

Additional topsoil may or may not be needed; it depends on what’s underneath the existing lawn.

All prices displayed are per square metre and include the turf, labour, waste disposal and VAT.

1-100 sq mtrs
Ground Prepared & Standard Turf Laid
£19 psm
2.5cm/1" Top Soil Delivered and Laid
£5.00 psm
101 - 200 sq mtrs
Ground Prepared & Standard Turf Laid
£18 psm
2.5cm/1" Top Soil Delivered and Laid
£4.50 psm
201+ sq mtrs
Ground Prepared & Standard Turf Laid
£16.50 psm
2.5cm/1" Top Soil Delivered and Laid
£4.00 psm

The price per square metre can fall to as low as £10 if the garden is already fully prepared and you just need the turf supplied and laid.

Additional Costs to Consider

The prices on this page assume that no significant lawn levelling is required. If your garden has large indents or you want to re-level the garden, there will be additional costs.

Some turf laying firms will also charge extra if there are access issues preventing them from reaching the garden, for example, if they need to carry the turf and soil through the property to reach the back yard.

Premium turfs cost more and could be better suited to shaded gardens or areas that receive lots of foot traffic.

Grass generally grows in most soil types, but if your soil is very deficient in nutrients, it could benefit from some organic matter or slow-release fertiliser, both of which will add to the cost of the project.

How Difficult is Turf Laying?

Turf laying isn’t a particularly difficult task, but the preparation work certainly is and could be quite literally back-breaking on larger plots.

Before laying turf, the existing lawn should be stripped off and disposed of. The top of the remaining soil should then be turned over, raked to remove any remaining grass, weeds or large stones and then levelled and compacted.

While a competent and fit DIYer could turf a small garden, larger projects should be left to the professionals who will have the equipment to get the project finished in a more timely manner.

Where Did These Prices Come From?

We contacted 12 turfing firms in 2021 and asked them to provide us with prices for the supply and installation of turf. We also asked how much of a discount they offer for larger projects.

The prices displayed on this page are an average of the figures provided to us.

We think that this turf cost guide provides excellent insights into how much turfing costs in the UK, but every project is different, and there are lots of regional variations to consider.

To get a more accurate estimate, you’ll need to provide details and, ideally, photos of the garden too.

Get a Price For Turf Laying

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The Bottom Line on Turfing

Turf is a great way to get a lawn fast, but it’s certainly not the cheapest, especially if you leave all the work to a professional who needs to remove the existing lawn and prepare the area.

If you can do the preparation work yourself, then there’s no reason why you can’t lay the turf too as the ground preparation is the hardest part of the project.

One piece of advice; if you’re considering turf because you’re struggling to grow grass from seed, you should know that the turf will eventually struggle too if you don’t fix the underlying problem, which could be:

  • Lack of sunlight.
  • Poor drainage.
  • Heavily compacted soil.
  • Too much foot traffic and wear-and-tear.

Have you considered artificial grass? Modern fake grasses are more realistic than ever and last for decades making them perfect for the lazy gardener or those with lots of children/pets.

This is how much artificial grass costs per square metre.

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