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Written by Daniel Woodley. Fact checked by Hannah Miller. Published to Prices on the 5th March 2023.

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My name is Daniel, and I spent 18 years working in the home improvement industry. One of the first trades I learnt was how to replace roofline boards with plastic Upvc fascias and soffits, and I’ve worked on hundreds of homes.

On this page, I’ll share my knowledge and experience so you can be sure you get the job done professionally and at a fair price.

Plastic fascias, soffits, bargeboards and guttering are low-maintenance products that require no more than an occasional clean.

Plastic roofline

On this page, I’ll cover:

  • The cost to replace roofline boards and guttering based on my independent research.
  • Why it’s best to replace guttering along with your roofline boards.
  • What type of access equipment your installer should be using from a health and safety perspective.
  • A step-by-step guide to replacing the boards, based on my past experience.
  • The best place to get a custom price online.
  • + more in the FAQs section.

Keep reading to see the cost guide and also get your own custom quote online.

I Asked Roofline Installers How Much They Charge

See how much the average cost of a new roofline is and get your custom quote online in minutes

I’ve been out of the roofing industry for a few years, and as I’m sure you’re aware, inflation has pushed up prices and wages.

To get an idea of what the current going rate is, I contacted 34 roofline installers from several locations around the UK and asked them to provide a price for two projects.

As I suspected, prices have risen substantially recently and are much higher than what I used to charge.

Here’s the current prices for roofline board installations:

Project Details

You can use the prices below as a guide, but as every project is different, here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the project:

  • Raise access equipment which will be platforms or access towers.
  • Remove the existing guttering, rainwater pipes, fascias, soffits and bargeboards.
  • Check roof rafter timber for rot and replace as needed.
  • Install new Upvc boards, guttering and pipes.
  • Fit new eaves felt and eaves ventilation
  • Lower access equipment and remove waste.
  • All prices include VAT where applicable.

Project 1: Fascia, Soffits and Gutters to a Terraced House

The following roofline prices are an average of the figures given to me for work to a terraced house with roofline boards and guttering to the front and rear of this typical terraced property.

Location:Price inc VAT:
London and South£1600 - £1800
Midlands and North£1300 - £1500

Project 2: Semi-Detached House With Porch and Garage

For this project, I sourced prices for a semi-detached home with a small porch and attached garage.

As with the first project, this price is for replacement boards and guttering.

Location:Price inc VAT:
London and South£4000 - £4300
Midlands and North£3600 - £3900

Per Metre Pricing For Roofline Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

When I used to provide prices to customers for roofline fascias and soffits, I would use a ‘per metre price’ as a general guide and then add on any extras such as scaffolding, customisations or extras that were unique to the project.

Per metre pricing isn’t always accurate as there are so many factors to consider, including how difficult the roof is to access and specifications etc., but most smaller projects, i.e. terraced houses, will start at around £140 per metre.

Large projects will cost less per metre but still start at around £100.

Obviously, there are regional variations and I’ve found that small one-man type sole traders will charge much less than large national installers and window fitting companies etc.

The prices I’ve displayed are an average, if you shop around I’m sure you’ll almost certainly find higher and lower prices.


Access Equipment – The prices are for properties where the installer can reach the roofline with access towers or other similar access equipment they own. They do not include the cost of full scaffolding, which might be needed for parts of the roof that are difficult to reach. According to the HSE, ladders are unsafe for this type of work so some form of platform will be nedeed for a project like this.

Cement/Mortar Work – On some of the properties I worked on I found that the mortar holding the tiles in place needed to be replaced along with the roofline boards. The cost of this isn’t included in my price guide as this would be an extra.

Roof verge

These tiles were loose and I re-bedded them onto mortar

VAT – The fascia and soffit prices displayed are an average of the figures given to me by installers. Some were small businesses that didn’t need to charge VAT while others were larger firms that included the cost of this tax.

Overcladding/Capping – The prices on this page are for the removal and replacement of the roofline boards and not the capping or over-cladding of the original boards. I’ve installed many hundred of metres of roofline boards and I feel that a full replacement is a more appropriate option for most homes.

Colour – Brown and woodgrain-effect always boards cost much more than white boards, this extra cost isn’t reflected in the prices.

Should The Guttering Be Replaced? Can The Old Guttering Be Refitted to Save Money?

Here’s my opinion on the re-fitting of existing guttering:

The labour cost to fit the guttering is the same regardless of whether old or new guttering is installed.

New guttering isn’t that expensive to buy; it’s much cheaper than the fascias and soffits, so there’s little to gain financially by refitting the old gutters.

No installer worth his salt would offer a guarantee on old guttering, I never did.

New gutters came with an 8 to 15-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

I’ve seen the gutter seals in old gutters leak after being disturbed and they needed to be replaced, adding cost.

As the consumer is paying for access equipment to be erected, it’s a good opportunity to get the guttering replaced. It would make no sense to have to pay for new guttering a few years later.

Unless the original guttering is brand new, I feel there’s little financial gain to be had by re-fitting old gutters, and of course, you’ll be left with a guttering system that isn’t new.

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Roofline FAQS

When Were These Upvc Roofline Prices Published?

I sourced these prices in early 2023 and published this page in January 2023. I’ve included VAT when it was charged, but not all of the businesses were VAT registered, as some were operating below the threshold.

Where Did These Prices Come From?

A total of 34 firms and tradespeople from around the UK gave me prices for replacing fascias, soffits and gutters.

Can This Type of Work be Done Via a Ladder?

Health and safety regulations state that ladders should only be used for safe tasks that can be completed in a short space of time.

For roofline installations, I feel that access towers or scaffold would be more appropriate – and legal. I always used platform towers and hired scaffold when needed, and I never completed projects like this from ladders.

How Long Does it Take to Replace Fascias, Soffits and Guttering?

Based on my experience, a good team of two workers can complete between one and two sides of a property in a day, depending on how long each side of the house is.

If the tiles need to be bedded onto new mortar, this will add to the cost of the project as it takes longer.

If access is difficult or the property is very high (such as 3 or 4 storeys) then it will take longer.

When I worked as a roofline installer, we completed 10-15 metres of roofline per day.

If I was working alone, I would complete up to 10 metres a day.

If scaffolding was in place and I didn’t need to erect any access equipment, the work would be completed much quicker – I often installed 20-30 metres per day on building sites.

What is Eaves Felt and Why Does it Need Replacing?

Eaves felt overhangs into the guttering and protects the roof from water ingress. It often rots and fails or may become damaged when the gutters and boards are removed. I always replaced it with a more modern alternative when replacing the roofline boards.

Here’s a standalone price for the installation of eaves felt.

Below you’ll find a photo of eaves felt being installed by myself a number of years ago:

Eaves felt cost

My Gutters Often Overflow or Leak, Will New Guttering Stop This?

If the gutters are leaking because they are old and the rubber gaskets have failed, then yes, a new guttering system will solve the problem.

If the gutters are overflowing due to leaves, twigs etc. blocking the gutters then I recommend you consider installing a guard leaf guard/mesh to keep the leaves/twigs out of the gutter. I’ve found them very effective at keeping out large items.

For properties located under trees and in particular, pine trees, I recommend yearly gutter cleaning.

Why Do Brown Boards Cost More Than White Boards?

Brown boards are the same as white boards except they have an extra layer of material adhered to the surface, this extra layer has a woodgrain effect and is usually rosewood or mahogany in colour.

The extra manufacturing process adds to the cost. Also, brown boards aren’t as popular as white boards, so with lower volumes, the price per board goes up due to the economics of scale.

The labour cost is the same, and I never charged more to install coloured boards, the extra cost was entirely due to the increased price from the supplier.

I've Been Told I Need Roof Vents - Why is This?

Vents are located at the eaves – the lowest part of the roof, and they prevent loft condensation. As Upvc roofline boards are more airtight than the old timber boards, ventilation is recommended.

I’ve seen what can happen when a loft isn’t ventilated; rot, mould and damp can take hold. I used to install 12mm strip vents to the top of the fascia boards, and I always found them very effective.

Are There Any Trade Associations Where I Can Find Reputable Installers?

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors is a popular roofing association as is the Confederation of Roofing Contractors.

You can also use our network of tradespeople and of course, there’s also Checkatrade, Which?, Trustmark and other associations.

Some manufacturers offer training schemes and membership of their “approved installer” databases.

Photos of My Fascia and Soffit Roofline Installations

old Roofline Boards

Old roofline boards and gutters

New Upvc plastic roofline boards and guttering

Old roofline boards and gutters

Exposed roof rafter ends</p>

Exposed roof rafter ends


Guttering being installed to the Upvc fascia

Guttering being installed to the Upvc fascia

Why You Can Trust This Guide

The author of this guide, Daniel, has nearly two decades of experience in the building trade, and for over ten years, he replaced roofline boards, gutters and cladding.

The photos on this page were all taken by Daniel.

Daniel also has experience in other aspects of roofing, construction and also managing projects from home improvements to landscaping.

The prices on this page are based on the figures provided to Daniel from 34 installers he contacted, so this should give you a good idea of how much projects like this currently cost.

Obviously, the only way to get an accurate price is to get a custom quote that’s based on the specifics of your property.

Get a quote today

Author: Daniel Woodley

Daniel has over 18 years of experience in the construction, home improvement, and landscape garden industries, including a spell working as a project manager.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys gardening, hiking and scrambling. He frequently posts videos to his popular YouTube Channel and is well known in the hiking community.

More About Daniel Woodley.

Daniel Woodley

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