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Written by Daniel Woodley. Fact checked by Paul Farley. Published to Prices. Updated: 8th March 2023.

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The roofing felt one can see under the roof in a loft is designed as a secondary defence against the elements, with the roof tiles keeping most of the rain and wind out.

The purpose of the roofing felt is to protect the property in the event of a broken tile or unusual wind-driven rain. It’s not meant to be a primary line of defence and it’s normal to see some wear and tear on this felt, especially on older homes.

But how much does it cost to replace the felt, and do you need to?

I worked in the construction industry for over 18 years, including 10 years as a roofing contractor.

I’ll share my knowledge with you in this article.

The most common reasons for replacing the felt are:

Replacing Roof Felt

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The Only Way to Replace Roof Felt is By Replacing the Entire Roof

Due to the way roofs are constructed, it’s impossible for a roofer to replace the felt without first removing all the roof tiles, the fixings, the timber battens etc and then rebuilding the roof after the new felt is fitted.

This is a significant project as I’ve done it many times when I worked as a roofing contractor.

It involves:

  • Scaffolding to all sides of the roof.
  • A couple of days of labour at least.
  • New fixings.
  • New cement mortar.
  • Will cost several thousand pounds even for a small roof.

Based on my experience, it is highly unusual for a customer to pay for this work just to replace the roof felt on an otherwise sound tiled roof. While I was often asked questions about torn or damaged loft felt, it was very rare for a customer to pay for a whole roof rebuild, just to replace it.

In fact, if you’re going to pay for the scaffold and labour, it makes little sense to relay the old tiles; you might as well just replace them with new ones.

The felt you see from within the loft cannot be replaced from indoors, the work must be done externally.

Cost to Re-Roof a Property

We’ve previously published a guide to the cost of re-roofing a 3-bed property, you can explore this guide here, it will provide you with a rough idea of the costs.

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Do You Need to Replace The Felt?

It’s perfectly normal to see torn, ripped or degraded roofing felt on older homes and as the felt isn’t the primary line of defence, you don’t necessarily need to replace it.

Older felts were made from bitumen and over time, due to thermal expansion/contraction and the material becoming brittle, cracks and tears form.

This is normal and most felt roofs in homes over 40 years old will show some signs of wear and tear, especially around the nails and sharp edges, which damage the felt.

If the roof is generally sound and isn’t leaking, one doesn’t need to replace the felt provided the roof itself is well maintained and any broken tiles promptly replaced.

While one could re-roof, another option would be to carry out patch repairs to the felt – this is where the felt is repaired with an additional layer over the damage. This is cheaper than replacing the felt on the entire roof and can help to extend the life of the roof.

Again, the work must be done from the outside. Prices usually depend on how much scaffold is required, but to overlay a small area of around 3 square metres, expect to pay around £800 – £1200 + scaffold for any difficult-to-reach areas.

Smaller patch repairs could well cost less than this, the amount of scaffold required (if any) will determine the price.

Can Repairs Be Done From Within the Loft?

It’s not possible to carry out a professional repair to the felt from within the loft as the felt is laid over the roof rafters.

All repairs should be done externally.

While I have seen DIYers carry out repairs from the inside the loft, I feel it’s unlikely these will stand the test of time.

Get a Custom Price For New Roofing Felt

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  • Compare prices for new roof felt.

Why You Can Trust This Guide

I know there’s a lot of nonsense published online, usually by those that have never worked in the industry.

Here’s my experience:

1997-1999: I trained as an installer and fitted fascia and soffit boards and guttering as a roofline installer.

1999-2003: I trained as a flat roofer (built-up systems and fibreglass).

2003-2008: I went self-employed and worked in flat roofing, roofline and general roofing (mostly in domestic settings).

2008-2015: I worked first as a project cost estimator and then as a project manager for a housebuilder, a property renovating business and then a landscaping firm.

2015 onwards: I continued working as a project manager and consultant but mostly on larger landscaping projects.

I also asked Paul Farley to fact-check the important statements I’ve made in this guide.

Author: Daniel Woodley

Daniel has over 18 years of experience in the construction, home improvement, and landscape garden industries, including a spell working as a project manager.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys gardening, hiking and scrambling. He frequently posts videos to his popular YouTube Channel and is well known in the hiking community.

More About Daniel Woodley.

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