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Tested by Daniel Woodley. Fact Checked by Paul Farley. Published to Products on 29th July 2022. Updated: August 2022.

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In July 2021, I purchased my first and only hammock and despite buying one of the cheapest hammocks I could find, I’m delighted with it and have used it dozens of times in the garden and on about half a dozen camping trips as well.

Is this the best hammock in the world?

No, it’s not. Some hammocks cost many hundreds of pounds, but considering this one is currently on sale for less than £70 (July 2022 prices), I think it’s excellent value.

If you’re looking for a cheap hammock with a stand, consider this one.

In a hurry?

The hammock I have is still available from Amazon and has garnered hundreds of reviews, go check them out here

Or keep reading to find out why I think this product is the best of the bunch at this price range.

What’s in the Bag

This cheap hammock comes with:

  • A handy zip bag.
  • The hammock bed which is 2m long with an extra 0.4m of rope at each end creating a hammock 2.8m long.
  • A metal stand made from 12 tubes which are easy to assemble.
  • Spare rope for adjusting the length of the hammock.

Photos of This Hammock

Here are some photos of the hammock and stand:

Cheap hammock with stand

The frame is basic but it does the job.

    The hook on the hammock

    The hook holding the hammock is strong and sturdy if unattractive.

      Sitting in the hammock

      I’m 6ft2 and just about fit into the hammock.

        The locking mechanism on the hammock tubes

        You don’t need any tools to assemble or take apart this hammock.

          Affordable Hammock With Stand
          An affordable basic but quality hammock for any occasion; in the garden, camping and more. Comfortable but durable fabric with a choice of colours. Black metal frame. Easy for one person to assemble - only 12 poles. Weighs 10kg. Comes with carry bag. Tested by Daniel at DIY Gardening

          Assembling the Hammock and Stand

          Assembling the hammock couldn’t be easier; the tubes slide together and are held in place by two bars at the base of the hammock.

          With only 12 tubular pieces to fit together, it didn’t take me long to figure out how to assemble it.

          As I’ve used the hammock dozens of times, I can now assemble it in less than 3 minutes and taking it apart is even easier.

          The hammock is made from cotton, is striped and comes in various colours. It’s held in place by the sturdy metal hooks at each end of the stand and I’ve never felt unsafe in this hammock, despite my being on the heavier side.

          I’ve found that to ensure stability, it’s best to place the hammock stand on a flat surface although I’ve used it a few times on a slight slope and it was fine.

            Comfort Rating

            As this hammock doesn’t have a spreader bar, it wraps the user in a cocoon.

            Some people prefer hammocks with a spreader bar, but there are pros and cons. For example, a side sleeper may find a spreader bar hammock more comfortable, but generally, they are less stable than a cocoon-style hammock.

            Cocoon hammocks may obstruct the view and tend to sag more, but you’re less likely to fall out of one.

            Despite being 6ft2 and overweight, I give this hammock a 9/10 comfort rating.

            If you’re taller than me, you may want to look into buying a larger hammock, perhaps even a 2-person hammock.

              Versatility and Portability

              The tubes on this hammock are coated to prevent rust, and after 13 months of sporadic usage, my hammock is showing no signs of rust at all.

              The hammock can be used without the stand, although you’ll need to buy some sturdy rope to attach it to a tree or other solid object.

              I’ve tied this hammock to trees, walls and even a balcony railing without any issues, but obviously, you’ll want to make sure whatever you connect it to is strong enough to hold your weight.

              The entire hammock and stand weigh 10kg and the bag measures 70cm x 35cm.

              I’ve washed the hammock a couple of times and it’s survived the washing cycle without any issues or colour loss.

                Safety, Weight Limits and Issues

                The weight limit of this hammock and stand is 330lbs (150kg/23.5st), making it suitable for one adult or two smaller persons.

                Now comes my two issues with this hammock:

                1) Stability – while the stand is stable when I’m on it, it tilts when I try to get in or out, this is an inherent problem with all lightweight hammocks such as this. There isn’t enough weight to secure the hammock to the ground. If the stand weighed more, it would be more secure but wouldn’t be as portable. It would be nice if it came with clamps I could press into the ground to peg it but unfortunately, it doesn’t.

                I found it easier getting into the hammock by placing one leg on each side and sitting down and back slowly. To get out, I again placed a foot on either side and eased myself up. Gaining access from one side could cause it to tilt.

                2) Aesthetics – Let’s face it, this isn’t the most attractive hammock, far from it. I chose this hammock because it was cheap, had a sturdy frame and was portable so I could take it camping and use it in the garden. At this price range, something had to give, and that was the aesthetics.

                  Pros and Cons


                  • Portable at 10kg.
                  • Comes with a carry case.
                  • I couldn’t find a better hammock at this price range.
                  • Suitable for persons up to 150kg and 6ft2.
                  • Easy and quick to assemble and take apart.


                  • The aesthetics, this isn’t a pretty hammock.
                  • A few buyers have reported issues with the hammock being too short or long for the stand (this wasn’t an issue for me).
                  • Stability when getting in and out of the hammock – this is an issue with lightweight, portable hammocks so some extra care is needed.

                  How Other Customers Rate This Cheap Hammock With Stand

                  A close friend has owned an identical hammock for several years without any issues and online I found hundreds of reviews of this product:

                  80% of raters gave it 4 or 5 stars out of 5.

                  7% gave it 1 star.

                  3% gave it 2 stars.

                  Looking into the negative reviews I found that most were due to damage in transit. There were several mentions of scratches and dents.

                  The hammock I received fitted the stand perfectly with about 40cm of space between it and the ground (when I’m sitting in it) but others have reported that their hammocks are of different sizes and either sag close to the ground or are too taught and therefore too high.

                  Many of the positive reviews mentioned the value for money, comfort and how easy it was to take away on trips.

                    Alternative Cheap Hammock

                    If you’re looking for a hammock with stand at the lower end of the price range but also want one that’s sturdy and portable, consider this alternative:

                      Ross James Hammock From All Seasons Gazebos

                      This was my second choice cheap hammock.

                      The key points are:

                      • It’s more aesthetically pleasing.
                      • Holds more weight (204kg vs 150kg).
                      • The design looks more stable.
                      • The tubes are thicker.
                      • It weighs more at 13kg.
                      • There is a metal insert that protects the fabric material from fraying.
                      • The material isn’t waterproof but is washable.
                      Striped hammock with stand
                      Metal hammock insert

                      I didn’t choose this hammock in the end for two reasons:

                      1. It weighed more (13kg vs 10kg).
                      2. It cost more (currently £130 vs £70).

                        5 Things to Check Before You Buy a Hammock

                        Here are 5 things you should check before you buy your first hammock.

                        The key points are:

                        1. The Weight – the more it weighs the more stable it will be but the more difficult it will be to take with you on travels.
                        2. Length and Width – check the length and width of the hammock so it’s big enough for you but not so big that you sink into it and get lost. Consider buying a hammock that is at least 2 feet longer than your height.
                        3. Cocoon or Straight – some people prefer a hammock that wraps them in a cocoon while others (often side sleepers) prefer the flatter surface that comes with a hammock with a straightening/spreader bar. Also consider what you will be doing in the hammock, sleeping all night or just napping and reading?
                        4. The Material – cotton is a popular material and for good reason, it’s comfy and easy to clean. Rope hammocks look stunning but can be uncomfortable.
                        5. The Size of the Bag/Ease of Portability – check the size of the bag and how easy it is to assemble and disassemble the hammock for travelling. Some hammocks have parts that snap into place while others require tools. 

                        DIY Gardening’s Testing and Review Process

                        Daniel has been using this cheap hammock on camping trips and also in the garden.

                        The testing period was over one year, and this review was published by Daniel Woodley. Claims and important statements were fact-checked by Paul Farley before publication.

                        Paul also owns this hammock and stand and has been using it sporadically for over two years.

                        We selected the Ross James hammock as an alternative based on online reviews and its similarity to our cheap hammock.

                        Learn more about DIY Gardening’s review process here.

                        Author: Daniel Woodley

                        Daniel has over 18 years of experience in the construction, home improvement, and landscape garden industries.

                        He previously worked as a project manager and has experience in managing teams of tradespeople and landscape gardeners on both small and medium sized projects.

                        Daniel is also a keen gardener and enjoys growing unusual plants and tending to his lawn.

                        More About Daniel Woodley.

                        Daniel Woodley

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