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Most hanging baskets come with dull, boring and cheap brackets, but you can always ditch them and choose a bracket that’s more suited to the theme of your garden.

Here are a few buying tips:

Cast iron is the strongest material and won’t bend; it’s perfect for supporting large, heavy baskets. It also has a rustic appearance, so would suit cottage gardens or gardens in period properties.

Aluminium is much weaker and has more flex; it’s also usually coated with black plastic and is cheaper. Many of the aluminium brackets on sale are so flimsy that they would struggle to hold the weight of a large basket after rainfall when it’s even heavier.

Don’t forget to measure the width of your basket and allow extra space for the plants to overhang. Hanging basket brackets come in various sizes, and it’s best to get one with a wider overhang rather than one that’s too short.

Also, you should measure the gaps between the fixing holes if you want to secure the bracket to a fence post, many are too wide for standard wooden posts.

I really like the hanging baskets with small birdbaths attached to the top as it’s a great way to leave water or seeds for birds; they look aesthetically pleasing and the baths are mostly hidden by the plants in the basket during the summer.

1) My Favourite Classic Design:

Hanging basket bracket made from iron

At 28cm long, this hanging basket bracket is quite small, so it is ideal for smaller gardens, porches and balconies.

Made from solid cast iron with a small 13cm birdbath fixed to the top, this bracket also has two small decorative birds attached to either side of the bath.

Weighing 1.3kg, this bracket is heavy, but that’s due to the cast iron; it’s certainly solid and built to last.

If you want to attract more birds to your garden, try this hanging basket bracket and fill the bath with water or bird food. If you place the bracket next to a window, you’ll have a good vantage point to see the wildlife.

A few things to note:

This bracket is made from cast iron, and it isn’t coated with plastic or any other types of sealer, so it will rust over time, but that’s just part of the appeal. I personally like the rustic look, but if you don’t, this might not be the bracket for you.

It’s not very long, so it wouldn’t suit large hanging baskets.

2) My Favourite Modern Design

Cradle hanging basket bracket

Well, this is certainly eye-catching, isn’t it?

In one word: Stylish.

This modern basket cradle is hand forged from solid 13mm steel and finished with a powder coating.

Designed to hold 10″ to 14″ baskets, this bracket is sturdy enough to support heavy plants with long trails if needed. It comes supplied with 4 fixings and weighs 1kg.

This is an excellent quality product that’s hand-made in the UK by a local seller who only produces a limited number of products. This is not a mass-produced import, and if you look closely at the images, you can see the quality.

The reviews for this product mention how stylish it is, the quality and how modern it looks, there’s also plenty of praise for the local seller.

Height: 24″/60cm.

Distance from wall: 13″/33cm.

Metal thickness: 13mm.

3) The Best Minimalist Hanging Basket Bracket

30 cm hanging cast bracket in cast iron

This is another cast iron hanging basket bracket that I really liked. 

It’s slightly longer at 30.5cm, so it is more suited to medium-sized baskets, and the cast iron has a black powder-coated finish which protects it from rust.

This bracket looks more minimalist without any birds or baths and might be more suited to a modern garden.

You can hang this bracket upside down if you wish, as the smooth arc looks great either way.

This bracket weighs 0.82 grams but can hold up to an impressive 15kg which is more than enough to support any hanging basket.

The fixing holes are 4cm apart so that you can secure this bracket to fence posts.

In the box, you’ll get:

2 x brackets

8 x fixing screws

8 x wall plugs

4) The Best Hanging Basket Bracket for Concrete Fence Posts

Hanging basket brackets for concrete fence posts

Concrete fence posts are far stronger than wooden ones, but they aren’t very attractive, and unfortunately, they can’t be drilled and screws won’t drive into them either.

Up until now, it’s been very difficult to hide those ugly concrete fence posts, but with this product, you can do just that.

This hanging basket bracket has a specially designed hook for 4-inch (10cm) concrete fence “H” posts.

Installing this bracket couldn’t be easier as there’s no drilling, screwing or cutting required; just slip the bracket over the top of the “H” post, and you’re done.

This bracket will hold 18-inch (45cm) baskets, and the bracket can be placed at the top of the concrete post or slid further down.

This product is sold in pairs and made from steel with a powder-coated finish.

If you want to hang baskets from your concrete fence posts, these are the brackets for you; just be sure to measure the width of your posts as they are manufactured to different specifications, and this bracket is for 4-inch (10cm) posts.

5) The Best Wooden Bracket

Wooden hanging basket bracket

This wooden hanging basket bracket is handmade by a local business in the UK and is constructed from recycled balustrade spindles so if conservation and recycling are important to you, consider this bracket which is also very unique, we’ve never seen one like it!

You can use this indoors without treatment, but it should be treated to protect it from the elements if placed outdoors.

This product is 345mm high, 345mm deep and 38mm thick.

The maximum hanging basket width for this bracket is 500mm (19.5″).

If you’re looking for something a little different, try this wooden bracket which is solidly made and chunky. It would certainly suit a property where there’s a lot of timber outside.

6) Stylish and Modern Corner Bracket

Corner hanging basket brackets

Instead of fixing one hanging basket to each side of a corner, try this corner hanging basket bracket instead.

Made from 13mm solid (not hollow) steel, this is another of my favourite brackets. 

It has two hooks that will hold 10″ to 14″ baskets, bird feeders or lanterns.

This is a heavy-duty bracket constructed to the highest standard, and you won’t be disappointed with the quality.

The design is completely unique as it’s handmade by a local, UK based craftsperson.

I think this bracket would look lovely on the wall of any home.

7) The Best Value (4 x Pack)

Value hanging baskets

If value for money is your key consideration, then this bracket is the best choice.

These are sold in packs of 4 and are made from coated iron.

The manufacturer states that these brackets will hold up to 14-inch (35cm) baskets, but we know from experience that cheaper brackets are more likely to buckle under the weight of a heavy basket, so we think you should only hang small, light baskets from these.

This bracket overhang is 12-inches (30cm) long and from top to bottom is 8.5-inc (22cm).

Note: We only recommend these for small, lightweight baskets. If you intend to use large baskets with long trailing flowers (such as petunias), you should buy a sturdier bracket.

You get what you pay for and while these are just fine for small baskets, I don’t think they will cope with long trailing plants!

How I Selected These Hanging Basket Brackets

I looked at dozens of websites that shipped nationwide and shortlisted 30 brackets that I liked. I then analysed all the reviews I could find online, read the product descriptions in full, and checked the specifications and sizes. I then narrowed the list down to the final 7. If you’re looking for a practical bracket, then there are plenty on Amazon to choose from, but if you would prefer something a little more customised and unique, then I recommend Etsy as local craftspeople sell handmade products there.

Winter Options – What to Do With Hanging Basket and Brackets in Winter

Most of my neighbours take their hanging baskets down during the winter as very few plants flower during the colder months. There are a few other options: Hang solar lanterns from the brackets – I’ve seen dozens of hanging lanterns that look absolutely stunning, and if they’re solar-powered, you don’t need to worry about power cables or batteries. Here is an example of a stylish hanging lantern. Replace the hanging baskets with bird feeders – Birds need food throughout all the seasons, but while many gardeners leave food out in the summer; they stop doing so come winter. If you already have a bracket fitted to the wall or fence, just hang bird feeders from them. Please read our guide to the best squirrel-proof bird feeders here. Choose winter flowering plants – This past winter, I placed ivy and winter pansies in the hanging baskets. While the pansies didn’t put on much growth after December, they did maintain their flowers until one night when the frosts were particularly hard, and about 10% of them died off. The ivy grew all through the winter and produced a nice long trail under the hanging baskets. Here’s a complete list of winter plants that look great in hanging baskets. This page lists winter flowering plants for other parts of the garden.

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