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Get a Price For Compost Delivered to Your Door

The cheapest retailers for bulk compost delivered

By Daniel Woodley at DIY Gardening

Not everyone has the time or ability to collect dozens of bags of compost from retailers but thankfully, many online sellers can deliver the compost to your home.

But which retailer offers the cheapest compost delivered?

In October 2021, I contacted dozens of firms and requested prices for the delivery of a bulk bag of compost (or its equivalent in smaller bags).

For reference, a typical bulk bag contains between 750 and 850 litres of compost.

1) Wickes

Wickes were the cheapest retailer of the 32 contacted.

I requested a price for 16 x 50-litre bags of compost which came to £65 (£0.081p per litre). This price included a special offer discount.

Wickes also stated that there was a £4 delivery fee for my postcode.

Total Cost: £69 inc VAT for 800 litres of compost delivered.

The cost would have been £84 without the special offer discount.

Visit the Wickes website here.

Wickes logo

2) B&Q

B&Q were selling smaller bulk bags containing 600 litres of compost, this is much less than the usual 750-850 found in most bulk bags.

The price quoted was £70 (£0.12p per litre) plus a £30 delivery fee for my postcode.

Total Cost: £100 inc VAT for 600 litres of compost delivered.

Visit the B&Q website here.

B&Q Logo

3) Amazon

On Amazon I found a retailer selling 3 x 40-litre bags of “Growmoor” compost for £15.99

840 litres of this compost works out at £111.93 or £0.13p per litre.

This seller didn’t charge a fee for delivering to my postcode.

The total cost for 840 litres of compost delivered: £111.93.

Visit Amazon here.


4) Garden Top Soil Direct

Garden Top Soil Direct sell organic compost in 650-litre bulk bags, and the price came in at £96.99 inc VAT which is £0.15p per litre.

The delivery fee is variable, but for my postcode, they quoted me £18.60.

Total cost for one bulk 650-litre bag of compost delivered: £115.60.

Visit Garden Topsoil Direct.

Garden Topsoil Direct logo

5) Garden Wildlife Direct

Garden Wildlife Direct quoted me £120 for 8 x 100-litre bags of compost, that’s £0.15p per litre.

There was no delivery fee for my postcode and on their website, they state that all deliveries over £25 are free.

Total cost for 8 x 100-litre bags of compost delivered: £120.

Visit Garden Wildlife Direct.

Garden Wildlife Direct

6) QuickCrop

QuickCrop were selling 750-litre bulk bags of organic compost for £119, that’s £0.16p per litre.

The delivery fee for my postcode was £4.95.

They only sell bulk compost to customers in England and Wales

The total cost for 750 litres of compost delivered: £124.

Visit QuickCrop here.


7) Marshalls Garden

Marshalls quoted me £112 for 8 x 100-litre bags of organic compost, this works out at £0.14p per litre.

Their delivery fee for my postcode was £40.

The total cost for 800 litres of compost delivered: £152.

Visit Marshalls here.


8) Compost Direct

Compost Direct quoted me a reasonable £85 for an 850-litre bulk bag of compost, that’s £0.10p per litre.

However, the delivery fee for my postcode was a whopping £70.

The total cost for 850 litres of compost delivered: £155.

Visit Compost Direct here.

Compost Direct

Which Compost is Best?

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with a snapshot of the prices retailers are charging for compost delivered.

I know from experience that B&Q’s compost isn’t the best; I’ve even seen bits of plastic and uncomposted timber in the bags. However, Wickes’ compost, despite being the cheapest, has always impressed me.

I can’t comment on the other sellers, but it might be worth paying extra for top-quality compost if you’re growing fruits or vegetables.

For those of you that need to bulk out borders and raised areas, cheaper compost should be just fine, and you can always improve it with well-rotted manure, fish, blood and bone or other additives that will boost the levels of nutrients.

3 Things To Look Out For When Getting Compost Delivered

Here are three things to look out for when getting compost delivered:

  • Bulk bags aren’t always cheaper than regular bagged compost, especially when special offers are considered.
  • Delivery fees vary, from zero up to £70, for the same amount of compost.
  • Bulk bags aren’t all the same universal size. For example, some hold 600 litres, while some contain up to 1000 litres. Most, however, had 750-800 litres.

Alternatives: Make Your Own Compost

If you find yourself buying lots of compost each year, consider making your own:

  • No plastic waste.
  • Fewer trips to the garden centre, saving you time and money.
  • Recycle your food waste.

My research has revealed that “hot” composters are by far the best option as they create usable compost in a fraction of the time.

Find out which hot composters are best here.

I also looked at traditional compost bins, see how much these bins cost here.

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