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Storage For Small Gardens, Patios and Balconies

How to make the most out of limited garden space

This list was compiled by Daniel Woodley. Published to Ideas on the 21st of March 2020. Updated: August 2022.

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If you have a small garden, let us help you choose a storage solution that maximises the space you have so you can make the most out of your garden and securely store your items.

Slimline sheds are perfect for narrow alleyways or as a feature placed between ground-floor windows.

Storage benches are large boxes, perfect for placing gardening items, cushions and covers etc. while doubling up as a comfortable seating bench.

Toolboxes and chests are popular for storing items of almost any size, place them under trees, next to wheelie bins or adjacent to brick walls.

1) Slimline Sheds

Slimline sheds are perfect for narrow or small gardens. Often placed down an alleyway or flush to the rear wall of a property, you’ll be surprised how much space you’ll find inside these micro sheds.

Store mini-lawnmowers, shovels, brooms and rakes along with smaller items such as pots, hand tools, seeds and other sundries.

There are two types of slimline shed to choose from:

  • Narrow but long sheds – ideal for the side of a property.
  • Wide but shallow sheds – often placed flush to a wall, perhaps between window frames or up against a fence.

We really liked these three slimline sheds for small gardens, go check them out:

Narrow/Long Shed

Below is a good example of a long but narrow shed, ideal for placing down the side of a property.

This shed has two doors, one at each end and measures 3ft (0.91m) wide and available in various lengths from 6ft (1.82m) to 12ft (3.65m).

Made from sturdy shiplap cladding which can either be pressure treated for longevity or painted in one of twenty different colours, this slimline shed is not only practical but can be styled to suit any garden.

You also get a sturdy floor, secure locks and a waterproof felted roof.

This is the perfect storage solution for small or narrow gardens and is sold by Summer Garden Buildings, go check it out:

The Cutest Shed in the World

Quite possibly the cutest shed in the world, this storage solution from Cristow is perfect for placing up against a wall or fence.

You get three shelves, a small hatch at the top leads to additional space for smaller items such as packets and seeds etc while the floor is just about the right size for rakes, brooms, shovels and other larger items.

What we love about this shed for small gardens is the choice of colours; choose from six different shades ranging from pink to green, grey to blue and yellow to unpainted.

This shed has raised feet and a felted sloping roof so your items stay dry and the timber won’t rot or degrade due to the weather.

Place this mini shed on patios, decking, between windows or even as a garden feature. 

Got a small garden and need storage space? This shed could be for you!

Wide/Shallow Shed

If you have a wide but not so long garden, consider a wide but shallow shed such the one shown below.

Popular sizes are 5-6ft (150cm – 180cm) wide and between 2-3ft (60cm – 90cm) deep.

This variant, by Adley Garden Buildings, is only 2.6ft wide and has a sloping felted roof, a raised solid floor and a wide opening door, all key points to look for in a quality garden shed.

2) Storage Benches

Storage benches have become popular in recent years; they offer plenty of space to garden items, cushions, covers etc whilst also providing a seating area. 

Our favourite is the aesthetically pleasing Rattan storage bench which is ideal for small gardens, looks great and is super comfy to sit on. There are other options though including traditional benches and more modern resin products. 

Rattan Bench

There are so many reasons why this is our favourite storage bench; it’s very light in weight, looks great in any garden, has a plastic liner to keep items dry in showers, has handles for easy lifting and is made from poly rattan so it won’t ever rot or degrade.

At 120cm wide, this is the perfect storage idea for small gardens. Keep cushions, covers, tools or small equipment safe and dry discreetly.

Resin Storage Bench

Manufactured from hardened resin, this bench won’t rot or degrade and offers plenty of storage underneath the lid, 265 litres of space to be exact. It comes complete with armrests and a backrest and is raised from the floor to help keep your items dry.

This storage bench is also lockable but to be honest; we’d be surprised if anyone noticed that this bench has a storage unit under it, it looks just like a regular bench.

3) Storage Boxes

Looking for storage ideas for small gardens but don’t want a bench or seat? Try a storage box such as one of those listed below. There are dozens of styles and materials to choose from. Timber requires ongoing maintenance to prevent rot but there are several products on the market that look like timber but are in fact made from fade-resistant plastic. Then, of course, there’s our favourite rattan style too.

Plastic Weaved Box

Made from fade-resistant plastic, this garden storage box offers an impressive 410 litres of space. The sides are ventilated to prevent condensation and mould while the lid is waterproof, which helps to keep your items dry.

We were particularly impressed by the weave effect on the side panels, which made the box look like it was made from timber.

The lid has a piston on each side for ease of lifting, ideal for those of you who struggle lifting heavy weights. There’s also space for a padlock should you need one.

Available in brown or grey, this box is also strong enough to hold the weight of items placed on top of it, including other boxes.

This box is perfect for storing summer items such as cushions, covers and BBQ utensils as well as winter items that aren’t needed during the colder months.

Another great storage idea for small gardens, we prefer the rattan seating storage box but this is a close second.

Stainless Steel Box

While rattan is our favourite product for garden furniture and storage, it’s strong, affordable and lightweight, stainless steel is a close second

Our only dislike is the price tag.

If you’re looking for a garden storage solution that’s different, robust, strong, requires no maintenance and will last a lifetime, try this contemporary storage box called Benni-Boy.

Made from rustproof and triple-coated stainless steel, this box comes in two colours; charcoal grey or metallic silver. The Benni-Boy is rain, snow, wind and hail resistant, this box is built to last and holds an impressive 400 litres.

Need more space? Two larger sizes are available, holding 690 and a whopping 780 litres.

The lids on all these storage boxes come with pressure dampeners, so opening the box is easy, even with one hand. Adjustable feet ensure the box won’t wobble, even on uneven ground. The floor is certainly strong enough to hold all your garden items without warping or bending.

If you’re happy to spend a little extra on your garden storage and like the contemporary design of this product, check out the details by clicking the link below:

4) Cabinets

Your final option is garden cabinets which are great for storing smaller items such as hand tools, seeds, bulbs, fixings and other garden sundries.

Our favourite os the Tidyard storage cabinet which is small enough to fit snugly in tiny gardens but has enough space for plenty of items. This cabinet is also made from hardened plastic so there’s no need to worry about rot, maintenance it painting etc.

If you require storage for a really small garden, try a tall cabinet which makes the most of vertical space leaving you with as much floor space as possible. We feel that the Keter Tall Garden Cabinet is the best of the bunch.

Tidyard Mini Cabinet

Make the most out of limited garden space with this mini cabinet from Tidyard.

Manufactured from hardened plastic (Polypropylene) this cabinet has a sloping roof and floor with drainage, raised feet, an adjustable drainage shelf, space for a security padlock and two doors for easy access.

This isn’t the tallest garden cabinet out there at 87cm in height but is narrow enough (38cm) for the smallest of gardens, patios and balconies.

The shelf holds an impressive 12kg of weight and the entire cabinet is easy to assemble using the tools provided.

If you’re looking for an affordable garden cabinet that’s suitable for a small garden, patio or balcony, take a look at this example from Tidyard which is, in our opinion, very well priced on Amazon.

Keter Tall Cabinet

Do you require more storage space than a mini cabinet offers? Try a tall cabinet such as this from Keter. 

At 178cm tall, this cabinet has plenty of vertical storage, freeing up precious floor space in your garden. It’s also slightly wider than the mini cabinet at 48cm.

Made from toughened plastic in a pleasant two-tone brown/beige colour, this cabinet comes complete with four adjustable shelves that hold up to 30kg each, that’s some serious weight capacity! 

Being fully adjustable, you can move the shelves to free up space for taller items such as shovels and brooms, with 178cm of vertical space, you have plenty of room to customise this cabinet.

The doors are sealed so your items are weather-proofed and there’s space for a padlock so they’re secure too.

Bonus Products

Once you’ve chosen a storage solution for your small garden, you can further utilise the limited space you have by using one of these products. They are all designed to save you space:

Corner Tool Station

This tool stand maximises the limited space you may have in a tall cabinet or shed by neatly holding your tools in one corner.

Use this stand to hold brooms, rakes, shears and many other items.

Made from sturdy plastic, this simple tool station holds up to 19 items with a further 9 pockets for smaller items such as gloves, forks, trowels and garden sundries.

You can even secure this product to the wall so it doesn’t tip over.

Wall Tool Holder

To get the most out of limited space in cabinets and small sheds, you’ll need to use the vertical space wisely and lift as many items off the floor as possible.

While shelves are great for some smaller, compact items, a wall-mounted tool holder is perfect fr a range of gardening tools from shears to shovels and many other items. If it has a handle, it can usually be hung easily on the wall.

You can also hang winter jackets and gardening gloves too.

This tool holder cans secure up to 11 items, freeing up valuable floor space.


If you live in a property with a small garden, there are several storage options available to you:

  • Slimline sheds either narrow and long or wide and shallow.
  • Benches and seats with storage underneath.
  • Chests and boxes, many of which can be stacked on top of each other.
  • Cabinets of various sizes with the taller versions best for very small gardens, patio gardens and balconies.

We really hope you found our guide to storage ideas for small gardens helpful. Be sure to check out more of content:

Author: Daniel Woodley

Thanks for reading this guide to garden storage ideas. Daniel Woodley published this here at DIY Gardening and the article was last updated in August 2022.

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