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The Best Storage Benches

Store your items and create garden seating – all in one

This list was compiled by Daniel Woodley. Published to Storage on the 16th of March 2021. Updated: August 2022.

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Garden storage is an issue for many of us; if you live in a home with a small garden, you’ll know all too well how difficult it can be to store items such as BBQs, utensils, tools, cushions, covers and toys etc.

Below is a list of our favourite garden storage benches.

Each bench offers comfortable seating as well as practical storage. 

Choose a storage bench to maximise the available space in your garden.

This guide is part of our guide to garden storage.

Keter Resin Storage Bench

Made from sturdy non-fade plastic, this resin wood-effect bench is ideal for small gardens and seats up to two persons.

Providing plenty of storage space for garden items such as covers, cushions, tools and accessories, this storage box doubles as a bench and has a comfy seat and armrests.

Choose from either grey or beige, this bench’s storage area is also lockable, ventilated and rain resistant.

We think the Keter Resin storage bench would best suit small gardens, patios, porches and other areas where space is limited.

Key points: 140cm length, high-capacity 265-litre storage, waterproof and vented, made from low-maintenance resin.

2-Seat Wooden Storage Bench

If you’re looking for a traditional looking bench that also doubles up as a storage box, consider this example which is made from hardwood timber.

This bench comes complete with a polyester waterproof cushion and looks just like a regular garden bench. The storage area is discrete and is perfect for hiding away BBQ items, cutlery, drinks, tools and other garden items.

We like the fact that the storage area is slightly elevated and not in contact with the floor, this makes it a little more comfortable to sit on as your heel tucks under the bench.

Reviews of this storage bench are generally good with most noting how sturdy it is and how easy it was to assemble.

Key points: Made from natural wood, comes with cushions, 120cm length, looks like a regular garden bench.

Poly Ratten Garden Bench Box

Our favourite storage bench, we love the style of this storage box which is elevated from the ground and has an internal liner to keep dust and moisture away.

Ratten is our preferred material because:

  • It looks great in any garden.
  • Is lightweight and easy to move.
  • Is long-lasting.
  • Can be made from plastic, known as Poly or timber (from palm trees).

The only downside of ratten is that it’s not 100% waterproof, hence in the inner sleeve/bag.

While this storage box doesn’t have a high backrest, we think it’s by far the best looking item on our list.

Key points: Lightweight, side handles, 120cm length, longlasting poly ratten finish.

Slatted Timber Bench

We love the antique finish of this timber outdoor bench which is pre-oiled for appearance and longevity.

While not waterproof, the storage area is well vented and perfect for tools, toys and other garden items.

This storage bench is built from solid timber and is both durable and load-bearing. And just about the right size for two people.

With a high backrest and solid armrests, you’re getting a well-built garden bench that’ll last for years and plenty of storage for items that don’t need to be kept dry.

Key points: 114cm length, antique and traditional appearance, solidly built, weight capacity an impressive 200kg.

Koopman Heavy-Duty Plastic Storage Bench

This heavy-duty plastic garden bench offers a huge 320-litre storage capacity, both back and arm rests and is weather resistant so expect it to outlive most timber alternatives.

Measuring 130cm wide, this bench sits two people comfortably.

While flat-packed, this storage bench is really easy to assemble and each panel just clips together. 

Key points: Huge 320-litre storage capacity, 130cm width, modern design, made from low-maintenance heavy-duty plastic.

Things to Consider

Storage benches are perfect for smaller gardens where space is at a premium.

Use them to store cushions, covers, BBQ utensils or other garden items.

Here are the key points to consider when looking at garden storage benches:

Weather resistance – some benches offer 100% waterproof storage while others offer no weather resistance at all. Consider what items will be kept in the storage bench and whether they need to be kept dry. Is the storage bench being used in the summer to store cushions, covers and other items or all year round to keep garden tools, toys etc?

Style – plastic or resin benches look perfect in modern gardens but might look out of place in a traditional or antique garden. Timber benches look great in any garden but the compromise is the weather resistance with most not offering 100% weatherproofing.

Size – 110cm is the narrowest width for two people to sit comfortably on the bench, any less it will only seat one person. Also consider if the feet are lifted off the ground, a slight gap at the base of the bench is usually more comfortable for the user.

Maintenance – plastic and resin are both heavy-duty and weather-resistant so never need anything more than a clean. Timber benches require occasional sanding and either oiling or sealing to prevent rot and decay of the wood. 

Author: Daniel Woodley

Thanks for reading this curated list of garden bench ideas. Daniel Woodley published this here at DIY Gardening and the article was last updated in April 2022.

Discover more helpful hints and tips from Daniel over at the blog or explore DIY Gardening’s essential garden products.

Daniel is a keen amateur gardener trying to reduce his reliance on harmful weed killers and other chemicals but accepts there is a place for them in some scenarios.

He also enjoys growing vegetables and fruits, as well as his herbaceous border and container garden.

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This guide to garden storage benches was created by the team here at DIY Gardening

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