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Wheelie Bin Storage & Screening Ideas

How to screen hideous wheelie bins out of sight

This list was compiled by Daniel Woodley. Published to Storage on the 6th of March 2021. Updated: August 2022.

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Wheelie bins are quite possibly the ugliest storage devices ever conceived and often ruin the aesthetics of a garden.

Fortunately, you have a few options; from chests and units to screens and covers.

The team here at DIY Gardening has researched the best ways to hide those ugly wheelie bins, so check out these storage ideas:

Wheelie Bin Covers

Covers are a great way to camouflage wheelie bins and there are hundreds of designs to choose from.

Make your bin blend into a wall by choosing a cover with a printed brick face design or blend the bin into your bushes with a printed floral design.

There are even several websites where you can upload your own image.

These covers are also the cheapest option and typically cost less than £20.



  • The lid and wheels aren’t masked.
  • The bin must be thoroughly washed and degreased for the cover to adhere correctly.
  • There are better, albeit more expensive options.

2) Screens

There are dozens of ways you can screen a wheelie bin so it’s hidden from view. One very popular option is to use trellis; it’s cheap, easy to put together, looks great in any garden and suitable for climbing plants.

Other options include cladding, woven willow and even pre-grown ivy screens.

Check out these four wheelie bin screening ideas:

Woven Screen

Made from woven willow, this screen is lightweight and perfect for hiding those ugly wheelie bins.

The brown finish makes this ideal for placing near hedges, fences or trees.

If left in an exposed location, you’ll need to fix it to the ground, fence or wall though.


Cladding screens can be manufactured from either Upvc plastic or painted timber.

This product has four wheels, making it easy to move out of the way if placed on a hard surface.

This product is white in colour but cladding also comes in several other colours.

Ivy (Real or Artificial)

While not created for wheelie bins, ivy screens are perfect for masking just about anything in the garden.

With a little jerry-rigging, one can easily create a lightweight green screen.

Consider either artificial ivy or the real thing; pre-grown ivy screens are available online.

Trellis Screens

Trellis is lightweight and commonly used to screen areas of the garden that look unsightly.

Create your own screen or buy a pre-made product such as this.

There are many other products available online, trellis can be manufactured from timber or Upvc plastic.


Gabions are an excellent way to screen or partition off an area of the garden.

You can fill these metal cages with rocks, stones, slate or even a combination of materials.

While not mobile, they do completely hide anything placed behind them. There are dozens of shapes and sizes to choose from too, and you don’t need any construction skills; just put on level ground and fill with the materials.

3) Wheelie Bin Storage

In addition to wraps and screens, you can purchase pre-manufactured wheelie bin storage boxes and chests.

While timber is a natural choice that would look great in any garden, it can be heavy so bear this in mind if the storage item has a lid, door or wheels etc.

As an alternative, consider storage chests made from Upvc plastic; the material is lighter, more waterproof, doesn’t need treating with a sealer or paint and won’t rot.

Qubox Timber Bin Store

Qubox is one of the UK’s leading specialists for outdoor furniture including screens and storage boxes.

This product is made from British timber and holds one bin up to 360 litres. With a hinged door, this wheelie bin storage also has a lid that is attached to the bin lid by a chain.

This storage item comes flat packed but is fairly easy to assemble and is sturdy enough to withstand the British weather.

If your property has two bins or smaller recycling boxes, Qubox sell similar storage solutions.

Keter Resin Bin Storage

Resin wheelie bin storage devices offer many advantages over timber; they’re lightweight so the lids are easier to lift, they won’t rot and don’t require any special maintenance other than an occasional clean.

This storage product comes with a wheelie bin kit which includes attachments for the lids. 

The lid is also powered by pistons which make lifting the lids effortless.

While this item comes flat packed it’s incredibly easy to assemble, a process which takes only minutes.


If you want to hide ugly wheelie bins, you have several options:

  • Stickers/covers for bins.
  • Screens, either mobile or fixed to the ground.
  • Timber sheds/chests.
  • Resin (plastic) wheelie bin storage products.

The team here at DIY Gardening prefers the resin wheelie bin store – its design is low maintenance and the powered lid means it’s effortless to use.

While timber bin stores look great, they’re often quite heavy, and lighter variants are known to be flimsy.

Author: Daniel Woodley

Thanks for reading this guide to hiding wheelie bins. Daniel Woodley published this here at DIY Gardening and the article was last updated in August 2022.

Discover more helpful hints and tips from Daniel over at the blog or explore DIY Gardening’s essential garden products.

Daniel is a keen amateur gardener trying to reduce his reliance on harmful weed killers and other chemicals but accepts there is a place for them in some scenarios.

He also enjoys growing vegetables and fruits, as well as his herbaceous border and container garden.

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