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Written by Daniel Woodley. Fact checked by Hannah Miller. Published to Prices. Updated: 5th March 2023.

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I have over 18 years of experience in the construction trade, including 10 as a roofing contractor.

I’m confident that you’ll find everything you need to know about eaves felt on this page.

The term “eaves” refers to the lowest part of a roof where it normally projects over the wall.

The purpose of an eaves is to direct rainwater away from the wall and building.

“Eaves felt” is a type of roofing felt or other waterproofing material created specifically for this part of the roof. This product sits under the roof tiles and overhangs into the roof guttering, it stops water from splashing onto timbers or even worse, entering the loft.

As the eaves felt is located at an exposed area of the roof, I’ve seen it deteriorate over time, rot and eventually fail.

I always replaced the eaves felt whenever I was renewing a roof’s fascias and soffits and I’ve found that the cost isn’t high if access equipment is already erected but can be expensive if roof access is troublesome.

In the past, I would use regular roofing felt at the eaves but more recently, newer materials that are made from plastic are now popular, they last for decades and in some cases will outlive the house itself.

We Asked 18 Roofing Firms How Much They Charge

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Images of Eaves Felt

Roof eaves

Roof eaves overhang – image by Billbeee

Rotten roof eaves

Rotten timber at the roof eaves

New roof eaves felt

New roof eaves felt, yes I had hair back then

Below you’ll find two price guides, one for eaves replacement where access is straightforward and a second price for a more challenging project.

You can use my researched prices as a guide but remember that every project is different, and the prices you receive may differ from the ones I received.

Here’s a breakdown of the project details:

  • Erect access equipment to the desired work height.
  • Remove and set aside two courses of roofing tiles.
  • Cut out defective eaves felt.
  • Install new plastic eaves felt trays, secured with nails and overhanging into the guttering.
  • Re-lay roof tiles, nailed into place.
  • Lower access equipment and remove all waste material.
  • The prices displayed include VAT where charged.

Project 1) Eaves Felt Replacement Cost to a Semi-Detached House

The prices below are an average of the figures given to me by roofing firms around the UK – I have a good idea of how much this costs, but I wanted to see how much others are charging.

The semi-detached home has 8 metres of eaves at the front and 8 metres at the rear.

Crucially, there are no access issues. Equipment such as access platforms can be erected with ease.

Location:Price inc VAT:
London and South£600 - £900
Midlands and North£400 - £700

Project 2) Cost of Eaves Felt to a Semi-Detached Property With Access Issues

For this eaves replacement project, the semi-detached property has a total of 16 metres of eaves, but access is difficult – a large conservatory with a glass roof is under the eaves, and this needs to be bridged with specialist access equipment.

The price for eaves felt here will be higher as the project will take longer and require extra access equipment.

As with most roofing repair projects, I’ve found that the cost of the access equipment can be high, sometimes even higher than the repair cost.

Location:Price inc VAT:
London and South£1250 - £1500
Midlands and North£900 - £1200

Project 3) Price For New Eaves Felt as Part of a Replacement Roofline Installation

Timber roofline fascias and soffits can be replaced with Upvc plastic; this is a popular home improvement project as plastic never rots and never needs painting.

I spent over 10 years working as a roofing contractor and I always replaced the eaves felt when I replaced the roofline, the two go hand in hand.

But how much does it cost to replace eaves felt along with the roofline boards?

I asked 34 roofline installers how much they currently charge. This is what they told me.

If the access equipment (scaffold or tower platforms, etc.) is already in place (which it should be), and the roof tiles are already removed, the cost is negligible. Eaves felt costs around £3 per metre to buy and doesn’t take long to install.

In the past I’ve installed 16 metres of eaves felt in less than half an hour, provided the scaffold was in place, and the tiles were already removed.

More Images of Eaves Felt

These photos were taken by me:

Rotten roof eaves

Rotten timber at the eaves

Open roof eaves

Open roof eaves

New eaves felt and bird stopper

New eaves felt and bird stopper

Eaves felt tray

Plastic eaves felt tray

Eaves felt overhanging into gutter

Eaves felt overhanging into gutter

Eaves felt and guttering

Eaves felt and guttering

Get a Custom Price For New Roof Eaves Felt

My researched prices are an excellent guide to the cost of eaves felt, but as every project is different, I recommend getting a custom price online.

  • Get a price in hours, not days.
  • Read reviews and feedback from past customers.
  • Compare prices for new eaves felt.

Roof Eaves Felt FAQS

When Were These Eaves Felt Prices Published?

I sourced these eaves felt prices in early 2023, calculated an average figure and published the data by region in January 2023. I’ve included VAT when it was charged.

Which Companies Supplied You With These Prices?

A total of 18 roofing firms and tradespeople from around the UK gave me prices for eaves felt replacement projects. I used to install eaves felt when I worked as a roofing contractor, but I’ve been out of the trade for some years now, so I wanted to see what others are charging.

Why Can't The Roofer Just Put Up a Ladder?

This type of project should not be done via ladders due to health and safety regulations that clearly state prolonged work at height should be done from equipment with handrails, footboard and edge protection.

I’ve seen many roofers offer to complete the project via ladders, and while I’m sure this would be cheaper, it would also be unsafe.

How Long Does it Take to Replace Eaves Felt?

In my experience, it will take longer to erect the access equipment than to replace the felt.

To remove 18 metres of roofing tiles – 10 – 30 minutes, depending on tile type.

To fit 18 metres of eaves felt – 15 minutes

To lay and nail 18 metres of roof tiles – 20 – 40 minutes, depending on tile type.

How long it takes to erect access equipment will depend on many factors but usually within a couple of hours or so.

How Long Does Eaves Felt Last?

Traditionally, eaves felt was just regular roofing felt, but it became apparent that felt in this location rotted and failed – this is something I had witnessed first-hand as I’ve worked on hundreds of homes where the eaves felt had rotted.

New plastic eaves felt “trays” should last as long as any other type of plastic – many decades and possibly longer. I’ve never seen a plastic eaves felt tray rot or fail.

Your Prices Differ From Those I Sourced From Local Roofers, What Gives?

Despite having a wealth of knowledge about this subject, I sourced prices from 18 roofing firms located in several different counties around the UK.

As every project is different and prices vary from location to location, the prices you receive may differ.

If you see a huge difference in price, it may be worthwhile contacting another roofing firm and getting another price for comparison.

Also, don’t forget that the access requirements will make up most of the cost.

Are There Any Trade Associations Where I Can Find Reputable Installers?

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors and the Confederation of Roofing Contractors are well-known respected roofing associations. You can use their “find a member” databases.

You can also use our network of tradespeople and of course, there’s also Checkatrade, Which?, Trustmark and other associations.

Why You Can Trust This Price Guide

The author of this guide, Daniel, has installed hundreds of metres of eaves felt during refurbishment projects and has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Here’s a quote from him:

The cost of replacing eaves felt will ultimately be determined by how easy or difficult the roof is to access.

Some roofs require no more than an access tower that takes 15 minutes to erect, others may have obstacles that need to be bridged by a scaffolding firm.

The cost of the materials is negligible and the work doesn’t take that long once access is in place.

The prices on this page are based on figures given to me by the firms I contacted for specific projects but your roof could be very different and the prices you’re given could be lower or higher than those shown here.

If in doubt, get a custom quote, it’s the only way to know how much your project will cost.

Author: Daniel Woodley

Daniel has over 18 years of experience in the construction, home improvement, and landscape garden industries, including a spell working as a project manager.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys gardening, hiking and scrambling. He frequently posts videos to his popular YouTube Channel and is well known in the hiking community.

More About Daniel Woodley.

Daniel Woodley

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