Daniel Woodley

Daniel Woodley

Daniel spent over 17 years working in the construction industry but has always been interested in landscape gardening, soft gardening, wildlife and conservation.


In 1998, he started employment as a landscaping apprentice working on large developments in London and the south of the UK whilst also studying web design as a secondary project.

By 2005, he switched trades and was running his own small cladding and specialist roofing business, serving customers in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, whilst also managing his own popular blog where he discussed the latest products, trends and techniques for the roofing industry and also landscape gardening.

In 2015, Daniel made the first steps on a three-year round-the-world expedition whilst still managing, owning and contributing to several blogs and websites. Gardening, construction, DIY and general home advice were topics he was most interested in.

Fast forward to 2021, and Daniel now works full time as a content creator and author for several websites, including two he owns himself.

At DIY Gardening, you’ll find content that Daniel is particularly passionate about, such as:

  • Hard landscaping.
  • Garden design.
  • Eco-friendly gardens.
  • Wildlife protection.
  • Product and service reviews where he has been known to be brutally honest.


Daniel’s expertise has always been in hard landscaping and roofing. With so many years working in the construction industry, he offers unique insights into the practical aspects of any project, whether that be in the garden or up on the roof.

Personal Interests

Daniel has always been interested in gardening and has been growing fruits and vegetables for over 8 years and ornamental plants for nearly 15 years.

Away from the garden and from publishing, Daniel enjoys photography and hiking, with Snowdonia and The Lake District being his favourite places to visit in the UK.

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